Caregiver skills: how to describe them on your CV

Caregiver skills: how to describe them on your CV. Many people don’t know how to detail the column “professional experiences” the tasks held in various positions. If you are a caregiver looking for a job, here are some examples of how to describe in a few words, your work on your CV. You can also use it during a job interview. They are therefore not resume objective.

Compétences aide soignant(e): comment les décrire sur votre CV

Caregiver skills: how to describe them on your CV, “professional experiences” column

Caregiver in a Hospital Center

Example 1: if you have worked as a caregiver in a hospital Center, you can describe your role as follows:

  • »I provided follow-up and rehabilitation care, visceral surgery and trauma, neuro medicine, diabetology, intensive care and cardio geriatrics. “

Caregiver in a Specialized Reception Center

example 2: if you have been a caregiver in aSpecialized Guest House:

  • “I was responsible for hygiene and comfort care as well as the well-being and the various daily activities of a person with multiple disabilities. “

Example 3:

  • “I provided daily nursing care, maintained the knowledge acquired through education, communication adapted to disabled people (autistic, encephalopathy, angelman syndrome, trisomy 21) handling of patient lifts and shower beds, and prevention against – bedsores. “

Nursing assistant in GERIATRICS

Here is How to describe on your CV, in the column “professional experiences” your hygiene and care tasks if you have worked in geriatrics.

Example 4:

  • “I was responsible for hygiene and comfort care for dependent elderly people, as well as care for people with Alzheimer’s in humanitude (communication and adapted act). “

Example 5: if you had only missionssupport, service and transmission:

  • “I accompanied them during their toilet and promoted their autonomy. I was working in collaboration with the nurse. I served the meals and I used the computer tools for my transmissions. “

Example 6:

  • “I carried out the hygiene and comfort care of the residents by adapting to their autonomy in order to preserve it. Communication and monitoring of the physical and psychological health of residents and participation in the activities of the structure. “

Caregiver in a retirement home –EHPAD

Here is some example of a description of the skills that you used if you worked in a retirement home / EHPAD. Once again, I remind you that these are tasks to be described in the “professional experience” column of the CV, even if they can also very well be used during a job interview. They are therefore not CV hooks.
Example 7:
  • Daily nursing care, helped with meals, anti-bedsore prevention care and various activities. I was also in charge of fitting restraints. “

Example 8:

  • “I helped the person to carry out the tasks of daily life and to maintain their autonomy. “

Example 9:

  • “I took care of the elderly in the acts of daily life. That is to say, setting up a fun activity according to their abilities. “

Example 10:

  • “I practiced hygiene and comfort care. I brought help with meals for semi and dependent people. I also know how to use medical equipment (person lift). I also cleaned the rooms, disinfects and participated in manual activities.

Home care aide

Did you work as a home care aide? Here are some examples to describe the tasks performed on this position:
Example 11:
  • “I was in charge of the hygiene and comfort care of patients at their homes, while ensuring that they maintained their autonomy. “
Example 12:
  • “Missions to monitor the physical and mental health of the patient and caregivers. “
 Example 13:
  • “Home care aide, I favored the acts of daily life so that people could stay at home as long as possible (reasonable limit). I accompanied them, and exchanged a lot with them. “
 Example 14:
  • “Working at home, I made sure that people had what they needed at home from a physical and psychological point of view. I provide hygiene and comfort care. “

Night caregiver

If you have been a night shift caregiver, you may have used the skills below. So that’s how to incorporate them into your CV.

Example 15:

  • “I was responsible for the night surveillance of patients with deficient and psychotic disorders as well as hygiene and comfort care for the elderly. “

Example 16:

  • Night caregiver, I helped bedtime, distributing nighttime tablets, monitoring and changing if necessary. I also answered the doorbells. “

Nursing assistant in hospital

Example 17 of description of skills used:
  • “My mission was to support residents in the actions of daily life. That is to say: hygiene and comfort care, measure their vital parameters, help with mealtaking and nursing care. Transmit to the team and to the IDE. “

Example 18:

  • “Nursing assistant in the various departments of the hospital center. I was in charge of patient care, in other words of monitoring the patient’s progress according to the pathology and state of each of them. I also monitored their constants and distributed the treatments. We worked in a multidisciplinary team. “

Example 19:

  • “I was a caregiver in a follow-up care and rehabilitation service. “

 Maternity caregiver

Example 20:
  • “I cared for women in labor and babies, and helped breastfeed and massage babies. “

List of the most requested caregiver skills

Compétences aide soignant(e) comment les décrire sur votre CV

Use action verbs like the examples above, and argue your tasks.

  • Inform patients / residents of the possibilities of playful activities or support them in carrying out these activities
    Prepare a patient before a medical or surgical intervention and assist the nurse during treatment
    Procedures for cleaning and disinfection
    Patient handling techniques
    Nursing care
    Maintain a tool or material
    Measure the vital parameters of the patient / resident, control the medical devices and equipment and transmit the information to the nurse
    Rules of hygiene and asepsis
    Equipment handling (medical bed, patient lift, etc.)
    Disinfect and decontaminate equipment
    Receive and distribute clean linen and sort dirty linen from the department, from the patient / resident
    Provide personal hygiene, comfort and prevention care
    Maintain premises
    Identify changes in patient status
    Identification of signs and degree of pain
    Perform activity monitoring
    Collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve a common goal
    Pre- and post-operative care protocols
    Support the person in the actions of daily life
    Monitor the general condition of the patient / resident, distribute medication and inform the nurse of abnormal manifestations or risks of falls, bedsores, etc.
    Distribute meals and snacks to the patient / resident as needed or prescribed
    Psychiatric pathologies
    Evacuate special waste
    Carry out or participate in the realization of mortuary care
    Inform the patient / resident on the terms of stay in the service (room installation, visiting hours, etc.), the mode of intervention at home
    Protocols for combating nosocomial infections

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