List of host and cashier skills and examples

List of host and cashier skills and examples

List of host and cashier skills and examples. List of host and cashier skills for CVs, cover letters and job interviews.

Cashier attendants operate cash registers. Most, but not all, work in the retail industry. In smaller stores, all staff can help out at the cash register, regardless of their other responsibilities. Larger businesses don't usually have this problem because there is an entire team working primarily or even exclusively as checkout attendants. Often, the position of cashier is seen as a stepping stone to more prestigious positions, but there are also career cashiers.

Indeed, since the cashier is generally the last employee the customer sees upon exiting, her duties often go well beyond cash management to include customer service and even security.

Often undervalued, checkout attendants are the main asset of many retail stores and, as such, they must be very competent employees.

How to use skill lists

A cashier's duties vary somewhat from store to store. Because most cashier positions are entry-level positions. They usually include in-house training. This way, you don't need a lot of targeted skills when you apply. However, being able to demonstrate that you already have many of the necessary skills will give you a leg up over otherwise qualified candidates.

Prepare to give specific examplesues of how you embody each skill that you say you have. When applying for a job, always read the job description carefully so you understand what the employer is looking for.

Basic Accounting
Although the cash register automatically adjusts purchases and calculates the differences, it will only be as accurate as the numbers you enter into it. A wrong edit or an item with the wrong barcode could cause a problem. If the discrepancies are large or frequent enough, you will lose your job. In fact, you could be accused of theft. It's true that the calculation is simple, but doing it quickly, in your head, while doing your other tasks, is not.

  • Accounting skills

Basic computer skills
Modern cash registers are computers. Your employer will train you to use their store's specific model, but this training will be easier if you are already familiar with how computers work.

  • IT skills

Familiarity with products
If a label has come loose, you should be able to identify the item and enter the product code from memory or have someone fetch you the correct barcode quickly.

Customer service
As the last face, and sometimes the only face, the customer sees, you will answer questions, explain store policy, and handle customers irritated by lines or other issues while maintaining a friendly and friendly demeanor. professional. For more serious issues, you will likely need to seek assistance from a manager or customer service representative.

  • Customer Service Skills

Always be on time. All cashier hosts/hostesses know how important it is to be on time at their desk.

List of host and cashier skills

Here is a list of host or cashier skills for CVs, cover letters, job applications and job interviews.


  • Accept payments
  • Precision
  • Calculs
  • Finance management
  • Using the cash register
  • Communication
  • Creating receipts
  • Credit
  • Credit card
  • Customer support
  • Customer Service
  • Efficient
  • Exchange of goods
  • Flexible hours
  • Smiling
  • Polite with customers
  • Gift cards


  • Management of the return
  • High level of precision
  • Customer information
  • Make the difference
  • managerial
  • Manage cash registers
  • Math
  • Meticulous
  • Money handling


  • Payment types
  • Point of sale (POS) systems
  • Positive attitude
  • Pricing
  • punctual
  • Replenishment of goods
  • Punctuality
  • Sales
  • Using the scanner


  • Team work
  • Opportunity
  • antecedents
  • Transactions
  • Verbal communication
  • Packaging of purchases
  • Written communication


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