Do the members of BTS smoke?

Do the members of BTS smoke?

Do the members of BTS smoke?

As of the current year (2023), there is no credible evidence or information to suggest that any of the members of BTS smoke. The claims and rumors surrounding BTS and smoking have been mostly based on speculative reports and unverified photos. It is important to rely on reliable sources and official statements when discussing the personal habits of public figures.

Connect with BTS fans dubbed ‘ARMY’ have expressed concerns and confusion regarding alleged smoking incidents involving BTS members, particularly V (Kim Taehyung). However, it is imperative to rely on authentic information and verifiable sources to draw conclusions.


The smoking allegations against BTS members, such as V, have primarily stemmed from a few controversial photographs circulated on social media platforms. These photos were alleged to show V smoking, which caused a lot of confusion and speculation among fans and non-fans alike.

However, it is essential to approach such claims with skepticism until verified by official statements or credible sources. The authenticity and context of these photographs remain questionable, making it unreliable to draw definitive conclusions about their smoking habits based on unverified images.


The question of whether the members of BTS smoke is often raised due to the influence and impact they have on a global scale. As one of the most popular K-Pop groups worldwide, BTS members are role models for millions of fans. Smoking is a habit that is generally seen as unhealthy and detrimental to one’s well-being.

As popular idols, the behavior and lifestyles of BTS members often attract attention and scrutiny. Fans and the general public are curious about their habits, personal choices, and the example they set for their followers. Addressing such concerns with factual information is important to prevent the spread of unfounded rumors and misinformation.


The question of whether BTS members smoke has been a topic of discussion for several years. Allegations and rumors about smoking incidents involving BTS members, such as V, have surfaced sporadically, prompting fans to seek clarification on the matter.

Public figures like BTS members are under constant observation, and their every move is subject to scrutiny. While there have been claims of smoking incidents in the past, there is no credible, recent information or evidence to support the notion that any of the BTS members currently smoke.


As BTS members are influential public figures, their activities and behaviors are observed not only in South Korea, their home country, but also globally. The rumors surrounding their smoking habits have spread across various social media platforms, fueling discussions and speculation among their fans, media outlets, and online communities.

The source of these rumors and discussions can originate from anywhere, as the reach and popularity of BTS extend to every corner of the world where their fans are active. However, it is crucial to rely on credible sources and verified information when discussing the personal habits of public figures like BTS members.


The question of who smokes within the BTS members has been a topic of interest among fans and the general public. Various individuals from the group, including V, have been subject to smoking allegations, with fans seeking clarification and official statements.

However, without concrete evidence or confirmation from the individuals themselves or their official representatives, it is inappropriate to speculate or assign smoking habits to any of the BTS members. Only accurate information from reliable sources can provide a definitive answer to this question.

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