Do BTS members like older women or younger women?

Do BTS members like older women or younger women?

Updated information for the year 2023 suggests that BTS members’ preferences for older or younger women are not publicly known. While there have been speculations and fan theories based on past statements made by the members, it is important to note that personal preferences can change over time, and it is up to each individual member to decide their own romantic preferences.

How? Figures and Studies

There is no concrete data or official studies available that specifically address the romantic preferences of BTS members towards older or younger women. It is crucial to respect their privacy and acknowledge that celebrity relationships are personal matters that should be left to the individuals involved.


The reasons behind each member’s romantic preferences, if any, are subjective and can vary from person to person. It is essential to remember that personal preferences are shaped by individual experiences, values, and attractions. Speculating on the preferences of others without clear evidence can lead to misunderstanding and misrepresentation.


As of 2023, there is no recent or specific information regarding the romantic preferences of BTS members towards older or younger women. It is essential to rely on official statements or publications from the members themselves to obtain accurate and up-to-date information.

Where? (currently)

The romantic preferences of BTS members are personal and private matters that should be respected. Their relationships, whether with older or younger women, if any, would primarily occur within their personal lives and may not be disclosed publicly. Speculation or assumptions about their preferences can lead to the spread of false information.


BTS members, like any individuals, have the right to choose their own romantic partners without external interference or judgment. It is important to focus on their musical achievements and respect their privacy when it comes to their personal lives. Fans and media should prioritize supporting their artistic endeavors rather than speculating about their romantic preferences.

Additional Research Questions and Answers:

    1. Q: Which BTS members are currently in relationships?

A: As of 2023, there is no official information or confirmation regarding the relationship status of BTS members. Individual members’ dating lives are generally kept private, and it is up to the individuals themselves to disclose any information about their relationships.

    1. Q: What other qualities do BTS members look for in a partner?

A: The specific qualities BTS members look for in a partner are not publicly known. Each member may have their own preferences and criteria when it comes to selecting a romantic partner.

    1. Q: Has BTS expressed their opinions on age-gap relationships?

A: There have been instances where certain BTS members have shared their thoughts on age-gap relationships, but these statements should be considered in their original context and may not reflect their current views or personal experiences.

    1. Q: How do BTS members handle dating while being in the public eye?

A: The approach BTS members take towards dating in the public eye is not extensively documented. However, it is common for celebrities to prioritize privacy and maintain a low profile regarding their personal relationships to minimize intrusions from the media and protect their loved ones.

    1. Q: Are there any cultural factors that influence the dating preferences of BTS members?

A: Cultural factors might impact the dating preferences of BTS members. However, without specific information from the members themselves, it would be speculative to attribute their preferences solely to cultural factors.

    1. Q: How do fans perceive BTS members’ romantic preferences?

A: Fans have diverse opinions and interpretations when it comes to BTS members’ romantic preferences. It is essential to respect the individual perspectives of fans while acknowledging that personal preferences can vary.

    1. Q: Has BTS experienced backlash or criticism regarding their romantic relationships?

A: BTS members have faced various challenges and criticisms throughout their careers, but the extent and details of any backlash or criticism towards their romantic relationships, if any, would depend on specific incidents and the reactions of certain individuals or groups.

    1. Q: Have there been any recent interviews or statements about BTS members’ romantic preferences?

A: As of the year 2023, there is no recent or specific information available regarding BTS members’ romantic preferences. It is crucial to refer to official sources and statements made by the members themselves to obtain accurate information on this matter.

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