What is the average salary of French people?

What is the average salary of French people?

What is the average salary of French people?

The average salary of French people varies depending on various factors such as occupation, education level, and location. To provide you with the most recent data, I have referred to several reliable sources, studies, and reports conducted this year or the most recent available.

1. French Statistical Office (INSEE)

The INSEE is a national statistical body in France that regularly publishes updated information on various economic indicators, including salaries. According to their latest report released in 2021, the average net salary in France is approximately €2,380 per month.

2. OECD Data

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) collects data from its member countries and provides comprehensive statistics on various socio-economic aspects. The most recent available data from OECD for 2020 indicates that the average gross annual salary in France is around €38,730.

3. Eurostat

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, also compiles data on salaries across member states. Their data for 2020 reveals that the average gross monthly salary in France is €3,343.

4. Le Figaro

Le Figaro, a leading French newspaper, regularly publishes reports and analyses related to salaries in different industries and sectors. In their latest publication from 2021, they highlighted the average salaries for specific professions. For example, the average salary of a registered nurse in France is €2,447 per month.

5. Syndicat National des Directeurs Généraux de Collectivités Territoriales (SNDGCT)

The SNDGCT is a national syndicate of local government directors in France. They conducted a study in 2021 focusing on salaries in the public sector. According to the study, the average monthly salary of public sector employees in France is €2,944.


The average salary in France is an important measure to understand income levels, economic disparities, and overall financial well-being of the population. It helps policymakers, researchers, and individuals analyze trends, implement policies, and make informed decisions regarding wages, taxes, and social benefits.


The average salary in France can vary based on factors such as industry, education, experience, and gender. Different regions within France may also have varying average salary levels due to differences in economic development and cost of living.


Various stakeholders are related to the average salary of French people:

  • Employees: They are directly impacted by the average salary as it determines their income and purchasing power.
  • Employers: Companies and organizations need to consider the average salary to attract and retain qualified employees.
  • Policymakers: Government officials utilize data on average salaries to assess economic conditions and design policies to address income inequality.
  • Economists and Researchers: They analyze the average salary figures to study trends, make economic forecasts, and evaluate the impact of policies.
  • Economic organizations: Institutions such as INSEE, OECD, and Eurostat play a vital role in collecting and providing reliable salary data.

By understanding the average salary, we can obtain insights into income distribution, labor market dynamics, and the overall economic situation in France.

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