How old is Zuchu?

How old is Zuchu?


Zuchu was born on November 22, 1993, which means she is currently 29 years old.


Zuchu's age is determined based on his date of birth, which is November 22, 1993. This information was found on various websites, including online biographies of Zuchu and social media profiles.


Knowing Zuchu's age is important to understanding and appreciating his career path and progression as an artist. It is also useful for fans who want to plan events or meet-ups with her.

Where ?

Zuchu was born in Zanzibar City, Mjini Magharibi, Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, which is her hometown.

Who does what, why and how?

Zuchu is a Tanzanian artist known for her musical performances. She is signed to Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB), a Tanzanian record label. She is the daughter of Khadija Kopa, a famous Tanzanian taarab singer.

Zuchu started singing at a young age. She was first discovered by Diamond Platnumz, a well-known Tanzanian artist, who then introduced her to WCB. Since then, she has released several hit songs, including "Sukari" and "Cheche."

Figures and examples

Zuchu was born in 1993 and is currently 29 years old. She is known for her musical performances and has released several hit songs. His song “Sukari” garnered over 7 million views on YouTube in just a month after its release.

Other similar searches and answers:

1. Is Zuchu married?

There is no evidence that Zuchu is married. She is currently single.

2. How tall is Zuchu?

There is no reliable information about Zuchu's height available online.

3. What is Zuchu's full name?

Zuchu's full name is Zuhura Othman Soud.

4. Where did Zuchu grow up?

Zuchu grew up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

5. What is Zuchu's music genre?

Zuchu sings primarily in the bongo flava genre, which is a blend of hip hop, R&B, and traditional East African music.

6. Who are Zuchu's parents?

Zuchu's mother is Khadija Omar Kopa, a very famous Tanzanian taarab singer. His father has not been mentioned publicly.

7. What is Zuchu's net worth?

Zuchu's net worth is estimated to be around US$500 as of 000, from his record sales and concerts.

8. How did Zuchu start her music career?

Zuchu started his musical career at a young age, performing at weddings and parties. She was discovered by Diamond Platnumz, who then introduced her to WCB, who offered her a record deal. Since then, she has released several hit songs and become a rising artist in Tanzania and the East African region.


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