Without diploma? How to Become a Human Resources Assistant – HR –

Without diploma? How to become Human Resources Assistant – HR –

Without Training and Without a diploma? How to Become a Human Resources Assistant – HR – in France?

It is possible to become a human resources assistant without a diploma or training in France. However, this can be more difficult because the majority of employers prefer to hire candidates who have training and/or experience in the human resources field.

To increase your chances of finding a job as an HR assistant without a diploma or training, it can be useful to look for job offers for which the employer does not ask for a specific diploma but rather for skills and qualities. essential for this position.

What are the conditions to be respected to practice this profession without diplomas? Without training? + description in French of the profession concerned + Conditions of access to training + prerequisites and complete and detailed information to access each training or diploma. Can we do an VAE? If so how?+What is the median salary in France and other European countries?

The job of human resources assistant consists of assisting the human resources director or manager in the management of administrative and operational tasks within the company. The incumbent of this position is responsible for setting up recruitment procedures, managing employment contracts, payroll, managing absences and leave, as well as setting up professional training and skills development of employees.

To access this profession without a diploma, it is recommended to have a good knowledge of the business world and human resources in particular. Key skills for this role include communication, time management, problem solving and teamwork. Experience in the field is often valued.

To access this profession with training, there are different diplomas and certifications that can be pursued:

  • the BAC PRO Management Administration, Human Resources option
  • the BTS Support for managerial action (ex-BTS Assistant manager)
  • the BTS SME Management, Human Resources option
  • Professional degree in Human Resources Management
  • the Master in Human Resources Management

For people without a diploma or training but wishing to obtain one to access this profession, it is possible to follow online or face-to-face training, work-study or continuing education. Access conditions and prerequisites vary depending on the diploma or certification sought.

It is also possible to obtain a Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) to access this profession. This makes it possible to validate the skills acquired through professional experience and to obtain a diploma or certification recognized by the State. To do this, it is necessary to have at least 3 years of professional experience related to the desired diploma and to compile a validation file with an authorized training organization.

The median salary of a human resources assistant in France is around 26 euros gross per year. This salary may vary depending on experience, responsibilities and company size. In other European countries, the median salary may be different due to differences in cost of living and salary levels.

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