Without diploma? How to Become a Carpenter's Helper

Without diploma? How to become Carpenter's helper / Carpenter's helper

Without Training and Without a diploma? How to Become an Assistant Carpenter in France?


It is possible to become an assistant carpenter without a diploma or training. However, it is preferable to have DIY skills and proficiency with hand tools. To do this, you can start by looking for job offers for carpenter helper positions in your area. You can also look for unpaid internships to gain practical experience.

What are the conditions to be respected to practice this profession without diplomas? Without training? + description in French of the profession concerned + Conditions of access to training + prerequisites and complete and detailed information to access each training or diploma. Can we do a VAE? If so, how? + What is the median salary in France and other European countries.


The carpenter's helper is a worker who assists the carpenter in the manufacture and installation of wooden materials, such as windows, doors, furniture and stairs. The conditions for practicing this profession without qualifications are to have manual skills, to be independent and to be able to follow instructions.

To access training in carpentry, it is recommended to have a CAP or BEP level diploma in carpentry, cabinetmaking, or carpentry. The prerequisites for access to these CAP level diplomas are to be aged 16 or over and to have a third grade level. BEP, bac pro and BP level diplomas require a CAP level.

It is possible to do a VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) to obtain a diploma in carpentry. To do this, you must have significant professional experience in the carpentry profession or in similar activities. Salaries for this profession vary in France depending on the region and professional experience, but the median salary is around 1700 euros gross per month. In other European countries, salary may vary depending on the cost of living.

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