Without diploma? How to Become a Psychiatric Nurse

Without diploma? How to become Psychiatric nurse

Without Training and Without a diploma? How to Become a Psychiatric Nurse in France?

It is difficult to become a psychiatric nurse without a degree or training. However, there are solutions to access the profession.

On-the-job learning

It is possible for some candidates to work as a nursing assistant or medical-psychological assistant in a psychiatric unit and learn to work with patients suffering from mental disorders. This can take several years and requires great determination and a strong interest in the field of psychiatry.

Alternating training

It is possible to follow work-study professional training, such as the apprenticeship contract or the professionalization contract, to become a psychiatric nurse.

Validation of acquired experience (VAE)

It is also possible to obtain a psychiatric nursing diploma thanks to the VAE. This involves having your previous professional experience validated. To do this, you must have at least three years of professional experience in the field of psychiatry.

What are the conditions to be respected to practice this profession without diplomas? Without training?

In France, the profession of psychiatric nurse is regulated. To practice this profession, you must obtain a state nursing diploma.

The conditions for access to the training are:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Obtain the baccalaureate or equivalent, or pass selection tests organized by nursing training institutes (IFSI)
  • Pass an IFSI entrance exam

To access work-study training, it is necessary to find an employer who agrees to cover the training.

For the VAE, you must have at least three years of professional experience in the field of psychiatry and have worked at least 1 hours over the last three years.

The job of psychiatric nurse involves caring for patients with mental disorders. He must provide medical care, implement appropriate therapies, observe patients and support them in their daily lives.

In France, the median salary of a psychiatric nurse is around €1 net per month. Salaries may vary depending on professional experience, region, specialty of the nurse and the type of structure where he/she works.

In other European countries, salaries can vary considerably. In general, salaries are higher in northern European countries.

Become a Nurse / Psychiatric Nurse

The psychiatric nurse's mission is to support patients with mental disorders. Their job consists of providing care, carrying out medical procedures, administering treatments and monitoring the evolution of the patient's state of health. They work in close collaboration with doctors, psychologists and other health professionals. They can also work in reception establishments, in hospitals or in private practice.

Conditions of access to training

To become a psychiatric nurse, you must obtain a state nursing diploma. To access training, there are two possibilities: either through initial training or through apprenticeship. Initial training lasts three years and is provided by general nursing schools. It is also possible to join a psychiatric nursing school as a second or third year admission, or to go through a Nursing Training Institute (IFSI) to specialize in psychiatry.

Prerequisites and complete and detailed information to access each training or diploma

To join nursing training, it is mandatory to go through the Parcoursup platform which centralizes admission requests. You must then follow a selection process which is based on the examination of the academic file, a motivational interview and/or psychotechnical tests. To specialize in psychiatry, it is possible to follow long-term continuing training in a mental health care establishment or to follow one of the following specialized training courses:

  • State Diploma in Psychiatric Sector Nursing (DEISP): 18-month training intended for state-certified nurses who wish to specialize in psychiatry. This training is accessible by competitive examination or by validation of acquired experience (VAE).
  • University Preparation Diploma in Psychiatry (DUPP): 1-year training intended to enable nurses to strengthen their skills in psychiatry and prepare for the competition for the State diploma in psychiatry.
  • State Diploma in Psychiatry: 18-month training intended for state-certified nurses who wish to acquire an additional qualification. This training is accessible by competitive examination or by VAE.

Can we do a VAE? If yes, how ?

Yes, it is possible to do a VAE to join psychiatric nursing training. To do this, you must have 3 years of professional experience as a nurse and submit a VAE file to an IFSI. Then, the process follows the same course as in initial training, with the validation commission which validates or not the VAE.

Median salary in France and other European countries

In France, the median salary for a psychiatric nurse is around 1900 euros per month. However, this salary may vary depending on the experience, region, establishment and status of the nurse (liberal, permanent, fixed-term, etc.). In other European countries, salaries can also vary, but are often higher than in France. For example, in Switzerland the median monthly salary is around 5000 Swiss francs (or around 4500 euros), while in the UK it is around 2400 pounds sterling (or around 2800 euros).

The tasks of a Psychiatric Nurse

The main tasks of a psychiatric nurse are:

  • Provide hygiene and comfort care for patients.
  • Implement and follow treatments prescribed by doctors.
  • Monitor patients' health status and alert doctors in the event of complications.
  • Ensure monitoring and coordination of the various stakeholders working with the patient.
  • Support patients in their care journey and give them lifestyle advice.

Definition of technical skills and names of diplomas

Definition of technical skill 1: Ability to listen and communicate with patients

This technical skill is important for a psychiatric nurse because it is essential to fully understand the needs, requests and possible difficulties of patients to consider appropriate care. In addition, dialogue and active listening help build trust and establish a quality relationship with the patient. Diploma: State Nursing Diploma.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: “With my listening and communication skills, I aspire to put these skills at the service of patients as a psychiatric nurse. »

Definition of technical skill 2:

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