Without diploma? How to Become a Network Engineer

Without diploma? How to become Network engineer

Without diploma? How to Become a Network Engineer in 2023

How to become a Network Engineer?

Earning a college degree in computer engineering, computer systems, computer security, or a related field is an important step in becoming a network engineer. However, it is still possible to pursue this career without a university degree.

There are professional certification programs that can help people without a college degree find work in this field. Some popular professional certification programs for network engineers include the Cisco CCNA certification or the CompTIA Network+ certification.

To obtain professional certifications, candidates must pass the entrance exams associated with each certification. Exams are typically administered by third-party certification bodies. Personal study, online courses and online training are the most common ways to prepare for exams.

Why become a Network Engineer?

Becoming a network engineer is a great option for those who enjoy working with technology and solving complex problems such as securely managing and networking a company's computer systems.

Network engineers are in demand across various industries, including technology, healthcare and financial services. Additionally, average salaries for network engineers range from €50 to €000.

Where do Network Engineers work?

Network engineers can work in any company that has a computer system that requires a secure network. Typical companies for network engineers include Internet service providers, banks, IT companies, government agencies, and universities.

Who can become a Network Engineer?

People who enjoy working with technology and have a knack for creative problem solving can succeed in the network engineering field. To become a network engineer, a person must be able to understand complex computer systems and be able to work collaboratively with a team.

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