Without diploma? How to Become a Gardener's Helper

Without diploma? How to become Gardener's helper / Gardener's helper

Without Training and Without a diploma? How to Become a Gardener's Helper in France?

To become a gardener's helper without a diploma, it is possible to train on the job by working for a gardening company. It is also possible to follow short training courses to acquire the skills necessary for this profession.


To train, there are several short and accessible training courses without a diploma:

  • Training “Maintenance of green spaces”
  • “Grow your vegetable garden” training
  • “Ecological gardening” training

It is also possible to obtain a Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP) “Landscape Worker” or “Landscape Gardener”. These certificates are accessible without a diploma, but professional experience in the field is recommended.

Professional experience

Working for a gardening company is another way to gain the skills needed to become a gardener's helper. This professional experience can be used to obtain a professional qualification certificate (CQP).


It is also possible to validate acquired experience (VAE) to obtain a CAP or BEP level diploma in horticulture or landscaping.


The median salary for a gardener's helper in France is around 1500 euros gross per month. This salary may vary depending on experience and region of practice.

Conditions of access to training

The conditions for access to training vary depending on the training chosen. In general, it is not necessary to have a diploma to follow a short training course in gardening. For professional qualification certificates, professional experience in the field is recommended. For the VAE, it is necessary to have professional experience of at least three years in the field.

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