Without diploma? How to Become an IT Security Engineer

Without diploma? How to become IT security engineer

How to become an IT security engineer without a diploma?

IT security is a growing field, offering career opportunities across many industries. Although most employers require a university education to work in this field, it is possible to become a computer security engineer without having a degree. In this article, we will discuss alternative training methods that provide the skills needed to work in this field without a college degree.

Why choose computer security?

According to employment statistics, the IT security field is growing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 28%, which is much higher than the average for all jobs. IT security engineers also have high incomes, with an average salary of US$90 per year (source: Glassdoor, as of June 000).

How to become an IT security engineer without a diploma?

There are several paths to becoming an IT security engineer without a university degree. Here are some examples :

Security certifications

Security certifications such as CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) or CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) are common in the IT security field. Both the CISSP and CEH certifications require prior professional experience in the IT security field (1-5 years depending on the certification) before you can take the exam. However, once you obtain certification, it can boost your CV and make you more attractive to employers in the sector.

Online training

Online training courses are a great way to learn IT security skills. Many online training programs are available, from beginner to advanced levels, and are often much less expensive than traditional college courses. Online training can take the form of on-demand courses or more structured and formal programs. Examples include sites such as Udemy, Coursera or OpenClassrooms which offer various training courses on the subject.


Bootcamps are intensive training courses that prepare students for specific jobs in the IT security industry. These programs are often intensive and accelerated, but they provide practical, specialized skills in just a few months. They can therefore be an advantageous option for people looking for a career change. The most famous bootcamps include Ironhack, Le Wagon and Wild Code School, which offer cybersecurity training in just 5 months.

Autodidaxia: learning independently

If you are motivated, an interesting alternative route is self-study, which consists of learning on your own via websites such as W3Schools, Stack Overflow, or the Anonymous Blog, which provides numerous tutorials for beginners . Although this method requires time and discipline, it can offer significant long-term results without training costs.

Where do IT security engineers work?

Computer security engineers work in a wide variety of industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, technology companies, government and many others. They are often responsible for protecting computer networks, systems and data from cyberattacks.


Becoming an IT security engineer without a college degree may seem intimidating, but it is possible using the alternative methods mentioned in this article. Safety certifications, online training, bootcamps, and self-study are all viable avenues for gaining skills in this growing field. Whatever method you choose, it is important to be motivated, organized and disciplined while staying up to date with new industry trends.


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