Why did harmonize leave wcb?

Why did Harmonize leave WCB?

History of the decision to leave WCB

Harmonize is a Tanzanian artist who began his music career in 2015. He was soon discovered by Diamond Platinumz, a Tanzanian artist and entrepreneur who founded the WCB Wasafi label. Harmonize signed with WCB in 2017 and had great success with songs like “Kwa Ngwaru” and “Never Give Up”.

However, in 2019, Harmonize decided to leave WCB. This decision was motivated by differences with Diamond Platinumz and the label's management. Harmonize claimed he was mistreated and his pay was often late. He also stated in an interview that Diamond Platinumz takes the majority of the profits from their collaboration.

The consequences of the decision to leave WCB

After leaving WCB, Harmonize founded his own label, Konde Music Worldwide. He continued to release successful music, notably with “Uno” and “Hainistui”. Harmonize has also flourished as an independent artist by collaborating with other African artists like Burna Boy and Yemi Alade.

Harmonize's departure from WCB also had an impact on the label. Some of the artist's fans began boycotting WCB and Diamond Platinumz. Other artists signed to WCB have also left the label, such as Rich Mavoko.

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1. Why did Harmonize decide to create its own label?

Harmonize decided to start Konde Music Worldwide after leaving WCB because he didn't feel respected and his salary was often late. He also claimed that his collaboration with Diamond Platinumz did not earn him as much as he should.

2. In what year did Harmonize leave WCB?

Harmonize left WCB in 2019.

3. How did Diamond Platinumz react to Harmonize's departure?

Diamond Platinumz said they were disappointed by Harmonize's departure, but also claimed they were open to collaborating with him in the future.

4. How many singles did Harmonize release after leaving WCB?

Harmonize released several singles after leaving WCB, including "Uno", "Hainistui" and "Pipe Industries".

5. Did other artists also leave WCB after Harmonize left?

Yes, other artists signed to WCB also left the label after Harmonize's departure, such as Rich Mavoko.

6. Has Harmonize's departure had an impact on WCB's music sales?

Harmonize's departure impacted WCB's music sales, with some fans of the artist beginning to boycott the label.

7. Did Harmonize continue to collaborate with other African artists after leaving WCB?

Yes, Harmonize continued to collaborate with other African artists after leaving WCB, such as Burna Boy and Yemi Alade.

8. Did Harmonize gain artistic independence after leaving WCB?

Yes, Harmonize gained artistic independence after leaving WCB and founding her own label, Konde Music Worldwide. He was able to collaborate with different artists and continued to release hit music.


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