Who is the richest between Booba and Gims

Who is the richest between Booba and Gims?


    • Name: Elie Yaffa
    • Date of birth: December 9, 1976
    • French nationality
    • Profession: Rapper, entrepreneur
    • Estimated net worth in 2023: 150 million euros
    • Popularity: High


    • Name: Gandhi Djuna
    • Date of birth: May 6, 1986
    • French nationality
    • Profession: Rapper, singer, producer
    • Estimated net worth in 2023: 30 million euros
    • Popularity: High

According to Forbes and other specialized sites, Booba is considered to be the wealthier of the two artists. This distinction is mainly due to his longevity in the music industry and his entrepreneurial activities. Booba managed to diversify his sources of income by launching his clothing brand, his own whiskey brand and investing in real estate.

Booba's main sources of income come from the sale of his albums, concerts and copyrights. He is also very active on social networks, particularly on Instagram where he has millions of subscribers. Booba is considered a fan favorite, who overwhelmingly support him in his musical and commercial projects.

Gims, meanwhile, has also enjoyed great success in the music industry, but his net worth is lower than that of Booba. His main sources of income come from the sale of his albums, royalties and concerts. Gims is also present on social networks with a strong fan base, however, he does not reach the same level of popularity as Booba.

The media both recognize the impact and influence of Booba and Gims in the French music industry. They are regularly covered by music media outlets, but opinions may vary on each depending on media and critic preferences. Some media highlight their talent and their contribution to the French music scene, while others may criticize certain aspects of their career.

When it comes to talent, it's difficult to determine who is more talented between Booba and Gims, as they both have different styles and have managed to stand out in their own field. Booba is often recognized for his impactful lyrics and his unique flow, while Gims is noted for his varied musical style and his ability to renew himself.

Latest news concerning Booba and Gims in 2023:

    • Booba released a new album in 2021 entitled “Ultra”. He also announced a concert tour to promote this album.
    • Gims released a new album entitled “Le Fléau” and also announced a concert tour to accompany the release of this album.
    • Booba was involved in a controversy with another French rapper, Rohff, on social networks.
    • Gims was elected coach in the reality TV show “The Voice” in France.

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