Who is Senegal's first billionaire?

Who is Senegal's first billionaire?


There is no consensus on the identity of Senegal's first billionaire. However, we can cite several names of Senegalese billionaires who have made their fortune in different sectors such as real estate, finance, telecommunications and agro-industry.


Senegal is one of the richest and most politically stable countries in West Africa, and its economy is growing. This has allowed several Senegalese entrepreneurs to prosper and become billionaires, creating jobs and contributing to the country's economic growth.

Where ?

Senegalese billionaires have generally built their fortunes by investing in different sectors of the Senegalese economy, such as real estate in Dakar, agro-industry in the south of the country or telecommunications nationally.


Among the best-known Senegalese billionaires, we can cite:
– Aliou Sow, founder of Teranga Capital, a venture capital and private equity company that invests in Senegalese SMEs;
– Cheikh Amar, Senegalese businessman who made his fortune in agro-industry;
– Yérim Sow, founder of the Teylium group, specializing in real estate and energy in West Africa;
– Karim Wade, son of former Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, who made his fortune in telecommunications.

Figures and examples

Unfortunately, there are no precise figures to determine who is Senegal's first billionaire. However, it can be noted that the cumulative wealth of the five largest Senegalese billionaires is estimated at around 1,5 billion dollars, according to the Forbes Africa 2020 ranking.

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1. Who are the Senegalese billionaires?
Answer: Senegalese billionaires are businessmen who have made their fortune in different sectors of the Senegalese economy, such as real estate, agro-industry, telecommunications or finance.

2. How many billionaires are there in Senegal?
Answer: There are no precise figures on the number of billionaires in Senegal, but according to the Forbes Africa 2020 ranking, there are at least five Senegalese billionaires.

3. Who is the richest businessman in Senegal?
Answer: There is no consensus on the identity of the richest businessman in Senegal, but we can cite several Senegalese billionaires who made their fortune in different sectors of the Senegalese economy.

4. Who is the biggest investor in Senegal?
Answer: The largest investor in Senegal depends on the sector concerned. However, France is the leading foreign investor in Senegal, followed by Morocco and China.

5. What are the most promising sectors in Senegal?
Answer: The most promising sectors in Senegal are agro-industry, telecommunications, renewable energy, tourism, infrastructure and real estate.

6. Who was the richest historical figure in Senegal?
Answer: It is difficult to determine who was the richest historical figure in Senegal because data on historical wealth is very rare. However, some Senegalese historical figures were known for their wealth, such as Mansa Moussa, the king of Mali, who was said to be the richest man of all time.

7. What is the average salary in Senegal?
Answer: According to data from the International Labor Organization, the average monthly salary in Senegal is around 300 CFA francs (around 000 euros) for workers in the private sector.

8. What is Senegal’s main source of income?
Answer: One of Senegal's main sources of income is agriculture, which employs around 70% of the working population and represents around 16% of GDP. Senegal is also an important regional business center in West Africa, hosting many international companies and institutions.


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