Who is the richest between Fally and Gims

Who is the richest between Fally and Gims?

Fally Ipupa

    • Name: Fally Ipupa
    • Date of birth: December 14, 1977
    • Nationality: Congolese
    • Profession: Singer, songwriter, dancer, producer
    • Estimated Net Worth in 2023: According to several sources, Fally Ipupa's net worth is estimated to be around $18 million.
    • Popularity: Very popular in Africa, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and France


    • Name: Gims (formerly Maître Gims)
    • Date of birth: May 6, 1986
    • Nationality: Congolese
    • Profession: Singer, rapper, songwriter
    • Estimated net worth in 2023: Between $20 and $30 million
    • Popularity: Known both in Africa and in Europe, particularly in France

Who is the richest of the two?

It is difficult to determine precisely who is richer between Fally Ipupa and Gims, as their exact net worths are not specified in the sources consulted. However, according to Forbes and other specialist sources, Gims is estimated to have a net worth between $20 and $30 million in 2023.

Main sources of income

For Fally Ipupa, his main sources of income come from his musical career, thanks to the sale of his albums, concerts and shows, copyrights, as well as his activities as a producer. He has also been an ambassador for various brands and has done collaborations with other successful artists.

For Gims, in addition to his musical career, he earns income from his album sales, his tours, royalties, and his activities as a producer. He was also a judge on the television show “The Voice” in France.

Fan Favorite

It is difficult to determine who is the fan favorite between Fally Ipupa and Gims, as it depends on each person's individual preferences. Both artists have a large fan base and are very popular in their respective countries as well as internationally.

Contributions to their profession

Both artists, Fally Ipupa and Gims, have made significant contributions to their craft. Fally Ipupa has been praised for his talent as a dancer and singer, as well as his skills as a songwriter and producer. Gims, meanwhile, has been recognized for his unique musical style blending rap and pop, as well as his talents as a lyricist.

Media opinion

The media generally has a positive opinion of Fally Ipupa and Gims, recognizing their talent and success in the music industry. They are often presented as influential and respected artists, each with their own style and impact on the African and international music scene.

Artistic talent

The two artists, Fally Ipupa and Gims, are recognized for their artistic talent in the field of music. Fally Ipupa is known for his dynamic stage performances, his powerful voice and his ability to fuse different musical genres. Gims is appreciated for his unique flow, his creativity and his sense of musical innovation.

Latest News

The latest news concerning Fally Ipupa and Gims in 2023 are not specified in the sources consulted. It is recommended to consult specialist media and online news for the most up-to-date information on both artists.

Did you know?

1) Collaboration

Fally Ipupa and Gims collaborated together on the song “ ça va aller ” in 2020. This collaboration was very well received by fans of both artists.

2) Solo career

Before their solo career, Fally Ipupa was a member of the Congolese group “Quartier Latin International” led by Koffi Olomidé, while Gims was part of the group “Sexion d'Assaut” in France.

3) International recognition

Fally Ipupa has been nominated for the MTV Africa Music Awards several times and has won awards such as “Best French-speaking artist” and “Best male artist”. Gims has also been rewarded at the NRJ Music Awards and the MTV Europe Music Awards for his talent and musical successes.

4) International career

Both artists have managed to gain international recognition through their collaborations with international artists such as Drake, Stromae and Pitbull.

5) Philanthropic commitments

Fally Ipupa and Gims are also involved in philanthropic actions. They have supported various social causes by contributing financially and raising public awareness about issues such as education, health and access to drinking water in Africa.

6) Cultural influence

Both Fally Ipupa and Gims have contributed to the promotion of African culture through their music, music videos and distinctive clothing style.


In conclusion, Fally Ipupa and Gims are two talented and influential artists in the African and international music industry. Although it is difficult to determine precisely who is the wealthier of the two, Gims is estimated to have a higher net worth in 2023 according to Forbes and other specialist sources. Both artists have made significant contributions in their craft and are loved by fans and media alike. Their artistic talent, popularity and cultural impact make them major figures in today's music scene.

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