Who are the 10 richest men in the world today?

The 10 richest men in the world today

In 2023, here are the 10 richest men in the world:

  1. Bernard Arnault – France – Fortune of 175,16 billion euros
  2. Elon Musk – United States – Fortune of 173,28 billion euros
  3. Jeff Bezos – United States – Fortune of 109,24 billion euros
  4. Bill Gates – United States – Fortune of 107,06 billion euros
  5. Mark Zuckerberg – United States – Fortune of 96,73 billion euros
  6. Larry Ellison – United States – Fortune of 91,17 billion euros
  7. Larry Page – United States – Fortune of 75,91 billion euros
  8. Sergey Brin – United States – Fortune of 72,44 billion euros
  9. Steve Ballmer – United States – Fortune of 71,57 billion euros
  10. Warren Buffett – United States – Fortune of 69,89 billion euros


The ranking of the richest men in the world is regularly updated according to changes in their fortune. The amounts given here correspond to an estimate of the value of their assets in 2023.

The data was collected from various sources, such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and Fortune.


This ranking allows us to measure the concentration of wealth in the world, as well as the influence that these individuals can have on the global economy. It can also be interesting to follow how their fortunes have changed over the years.

Where ?

These richest men in the world have businesses and activities in various fields and across the entire world. They have global economic influence, and their wealth is estimated based on various assets, such as company shares, real estate, jewelry, works of art, etc.

Who else ?

There are many other billionaires who are not in this top 10, but who also have considerable wealth. For example, Elon Musk, who is second in this list, has also been ranked as the world's richest man several times in 2021 and 2022. Likewise, businessmen such as Mukesh Ambani (India ), Amancio Ortega (Spain), or even Zhong Shanshan (China) have a fortune that exceeds 60 billion euros.

8 similar questions or searches and answers:

  1. Who is the richest man in the world in 2022?
  2. In 2022, the richest man in the world was Elon Musk, with a fortune estimated at over $230 billion.

  3. How many billionaires are there in the world in 2023?
  4. In 2023, it is estimated that there were approximately 2 billionaires in the world.

  5. What companies are owned by the richest men in the world?
  6. These richest men in the world own shares in companies in various fields, including technology, finance, real estate, the automobile industry, and more. For example, Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, Larry Ellison founded Oracle Corporation, Elon Musk is the head of SpaceX and Tesla, etc.

  7. What explains the fortunes of billionaires?
  8. Billionaires' wealth can have several origins, such as the creation and management of successful businesses, inheritance of family wealth, trading or investment activities in financial markets, etc.

  9. Has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the fortunes of billionaires?
  10. Although the pandemic has had a significant economic impact around the world, it has not significantly affected the fortunes of billionaires. In fact, many billionaires experienced growth in their wealth in 2020, thanks in part to the rise of online commerce and digital technologies.

  11. Are there any women among the richest men in the world?
  12. Unfortunately, there are very few women among the richest men in the world. In 2023, the richest woman was Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, the granddaughter of the founder of L'Oréal, with a fortune of 82,88 billion euros, but she was not in the top 10 richest men .

  13. Are there charitable foundations created by billionaires?
  14. Many billionaires have created charitable foundations to support causes they care about, such as medical research, education, fighting poverty, and more. For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to combat global inequality and improve health and education in developing countries.

  15. What are the implications of the concentration of wealth in the world?
  16. Excessive concentration of wealth can lead to social and economic inequality, as well as outsized influence over public policy. However, it is also worth noting that billionaires often have a positive influence on the global economy, creating jobs and funding research and development projects.

Sources consulted: Forbes, Bloomberg, Fortune (accessed June 2023)

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