What is the square root of 144

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The square root is one of the fundamental mathematical operations learned in elementary school. Even today, it is essential for students to understand this concept. This article focuses on the square root of 144 and discusses calculation methods, properties, and practical uses.

1. The square root: Definition and fundamental concept

The square root is the inverse operation of the square. In other words, knowing the square of a number, the square root allows us to find the initial number. If a * a = b, then “square root of b” = a.

2. Calculating the square root: Methods and procedures

There are several methods for calculating the square root of a number. The simplest method is to find the square root from a pre-established table of values. However, the most common method is the division method.

3. The example of the square root of 144: Calculation steps and results

To calculate the square root of 144, simply use the division method with the following method:
– We write 144 in the form of two identical factors (12 * 12).
– We identify the number whose square root must be found (144).
– We divide this number by one of the previously identified factors (144/12 = 12).
– We use the result of division (12) as a factor for the square root of 144.
So the square root of 144 is equal to 12.

4. Properties of the square root: Symmetry, positivity and commutativity

  • The square root is symmetrical: square root(a²) = a
  • The square root is always positive: square root(n) is always greater than 0
  • The square root is commutative: square root(a * b) = square root(a) * square root(b)

5. Practical applications of the square root: Use in geometry, physics and statistics

The square root is used in several fields. In geometry, it allows you to calculate the side length of a given square. In physics, it allows you to calculate speed and acceleration. In statistics, it is used to calculate the standard deviation.


So we have seen that the square root is a fundamental mathematical operation that can be used in several fields. The most common method of calculation is division, and the properties of the square root include symmetry, commutativity, and positivity.

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