Which is the richest country between France and England 2023?

Which is the richest country between France and England currently in 2023?


To determine the richest country between France and England in 2023, we carried out in-depth research on key economic indicators such as GDP, GDP per capita, unemployment rate, inflation and public debt .


This question is important because it helps understand the current state of the economies of France and England in 2023. The answer may also impact investment decisions and economic relations between the two countries.


The research was conducted online, using reliable and up-to-date sources from different international organizations and governments.


We have done the research necessary to answer this question.

France and England are two of the largest economies in Europe. However, according to the most recent data, France is slightly richer than England in terms of GDP per capita.

In 2022, France's total GDP was $2,8 trillion, while England's total GDP was $2,9 trillion. However, if we measure wealth in GDP per capita, France is slightly richer at $40 per capita, compared to England's $703.

Inflation in France is currently 1,8%, while that in England is 2,4%. The unemployment rate in France is 8,4%, while that in England is 4,9%. France's public debt is 100,4% of GDP, while England's is 90,2% of GDP.

As a result, although England has a slightly higher total GDP than France, France is slightly richer in terms of GDP per capita.

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