What is James St Patrick's real name?

What is James St Patrick's real name?

What is James St Patrick's real name?


James St Patrick, better known by his nickname "Ghost", is a character in the television series "Power". He runs a major drug trafficking network in New York, while leading a double life. But what is his real name? This question is the subject of much speculation among fans of the series.

Clues in the series

Referring to the series, Ghost's real name is never explicitly revealed. However, there are several clues that allow us to guess this. First of all, in season 1 episode 2, we can see a police file that mentions the name "James Patrick St. Patrick". This name is also written on the plaque in Ghost's mailbox in his apartment.

Fan theories

Fans of the series have had many theories about Ghost's real name. Some believe his full name is "James Edward St. Patrick", as he was called "Edward" by a former friend in one episode. Others believe his real name is "Jamie Joseph St. Patrick", as he was called "Jamie" in another episode. Finally, some fans have even suggested that his real name is "James Ghost St. Patrick", as he used that name to sign a document in season 2.

The actors' opinion

The "Power" cast has been asked many times about Ghost's real name, but they're keeping it a secret. However, Joseph Sikora, the actor who plays the role of Ghost, stated in an interview that he believes his character's real name is "James St. Patrick".

The importance of the name Ghost

Although Ghost's real name is not essential to the plot of the series, it does have symbolic importance. By choosing the name Ghost, James St Patrick has created an identity that allows him to hide from his true nature. Revealing his real name could therefore undermine this illusion and make his character less mysterious.


In conclusion, James St. Patrick's real name is probably "James Patrick St. Patrick", according to clues in the series. However, the creators of "Power" deliberately chose not to reveal it, which enhances the mystery and aura of their character. Whatever his name, Ghost will remain one of the most iconic characters on modern television.


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