What is the number of generals in France?

What is the number of generals in France?

How many generals are there in France?

The number of generals in France

According to the research carried out, there are four general titles in France, and each title corresponds to a certain number of stars. The number of generals in France therefore varies according to their rank.

According to the Ministry of Defense in 2020, the total number of general officers of the three armies is 468, distributed as follows:

  • 173 in the army,
  • 74 in the Air Force,
  • 54 in the navy,
  • 7 in the national gendarmerie,
  • 2 in the general directorate of external security,
  • 35 at the army headquarters,
  • 10 in the army health service,
  • 13 in the service of the army commissariat.

Why are there so many generals in France?

The presence of a large number of generals is explained by the complex organization and hierarchy of the French army. This structure makes it possible to guarantee a clear career path for the military, as well as solid supervision for the troops on the ground. The importance of the military hierarchy in France also dates back to the beginnings of the French Revolution, which saw the birth of a national army and a standardized military code.

Where do generals work in France?

Generals in France mainly work in the different units of the three armies: the army, the air force and the navy. They can also be assigned to the army headquarters or to various functions related to national security.

Who can become a general in France and how?

To become a general in France, you must be a career officer in one of the three armies, that is to say, have followed officer training at the military school. Soldiers who wish to climb the ranks of the hierarchy must go through different ranks, and their promotion is often linked to the success of missions and the accumulation of professional experience.

How long does it take to become a general in France?

The time required to become a general in France varies depending on the rate of progression of each soldier. Typically, it takes approximately 25 to 30 years of service to advance to the rank of brigadier general or rear admiral. Then, the time required to access other grades depends on promotion opportunities and the quality of the professional career.

What is the salary of generals in France?

The salary of generals in France is set according to the rank and seniority of each soldier. Remuneration therefore varies according to several criteria, including grade, number of years of service and bonuses linked to the positions held. According to the Ministry of Defense, the gross monthly salary of a major general in the army can go up to €12.

What is the role of generals in France?

Generals in France have an essential role in defending the interests of the Nation. They are in charge of troop management and military operations. They also have an advisory role to political leaders and the government on national security and military engagements abroad.

How many female generals are there in France?

As of January 1, 2020, the French army had 21 female general officers, or approximately 4,5% of the total general officers. Although this figure is constantly increasing, the proportion of women in senior ranks of the army still remains relatively low.

Should we reduce the number of generals in France?

The number of generals in France is regularly the subject of debate and criticism on its cost and usefulness. While some believe that the presence of a large number of senior officers is necessary to ensure a good organization of the army, others assert that the current number is excessive and that a reduction in numbers would make budgetary savings possible. . However, the issue of troop reduction must be approached with caution, because military leadership plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the army on the ground.

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