What is Adrien Laurent’s MYM?

What is Adrien Laurent’s MYM?

Adrien Laurent is a young French entrepreneur and investor who has made a name for himself in the business world thanks to his strategic skills and sense of innovation. One of the key elements of its success is its “MYM”. But what does this mean?

My Million

“MYM” is an abbreviation for “My Million”, a method of thinking and an investment philosophy developed by Adrien Laurent to achieve the million euros. According to him, there are three key elements to this method: research, patience and perseverance.

In other words, his method of thinking is based on thorough research, selection of suitable investment opportunities, patience to wait for investments to develop, and perseverance to make it happen. This method is based on discipline and managing a stock portfolio over the long term, rather than short-term trading.

Adrien Laurent's journey

Adrien Laurent started investing in the stock market at a young age and quickly understood that he could create wealth by investing intelligently. By applying his MYM method, he managed to reach his first million euros at just 25 years old, an exceptional feat that he owes in large part to his strategic vision and patience.

One of the keys to his success is recognizing profitable investment opportunities in undervalued companies that quickly experienced significant growth. This allowed Adrien Laurent to quickly grow his stock portfolio and invest in cutting-edge companies around the world.

The key principles of MYM

The principles of Adrien Laurent's MYM method include careful research of undervalued stocks and growing sectors, portfolio diversification, patience, rigorous analysis of market trends and the ability to identify emerging trends .

He also emphasizes the importance of self-education and competence to stay ahead of other investors. By developing his own market expertise, Adrien Laurent was able to refine his MYM method and use it effectively to achieve his financial goals.

Investment examples from Adrien Laurent

Adrien Laurent's examples of successful investments are numerous. He has invested in high-profile companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla and Facebook, but he has also identified opportunities in smaller companies that have experienced strong growth, including growing financial technology companies and biotechs. innovative.

Using his method of in-depth research and careful selection of undervalued stocks, Adrien Laurent was able to generate huge returns on his investments, allowing him to achieve his goal of becoming a millionaire in record time.


In conclusion, Adrien Laurent's MYM method is a proven system for achieving wealth by investing in stocks for the long term. Using a combination of research, patience and perseverance, he was able to turn a small amount of capital into millions of dollars by intelligently investing in undervalued and growth companies.

The key principles of the MYM method, such as in-depth research, rigorous analysis and self-education, are essential skills for any investor looking to grow their portfolio and achieve their financial goals.

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