What is the difference between the Cathars and the Templars?

Who are the Cathars and the Templars?

The Cathars and the Templars are two of the largest medieval movements and have a shared history dating back to the time of the Crusades. The Cathars, as mentioned in the writings of modern religious people, are the followers of a heretical faith spread in Occitania in the middle of the XNUMXth century. Meanwhile, the Templars were an ancient Christian warrior order, who fought in the Crusade and were responsible for administering territories taken during Christian invasions. Both movements were involved in medieval battles and played important roles in the history of the medieval West.

History of the Cathars and the Templars

The Cathars were the first to embark on the emergence of a new religion and they were the first to take political action against the Roman Catholic Church. The Cathar religion was originally based on heresy and anti-morality which the Cathars believed to be superior and infallible values. There were numerous attempts by the Catholic Church to abolish this religious movement, including the Great Albigensian Crusade, which ended Cathar rule. On the Templar side, it was a Christian military order founded after the First Crusade. The Templars were essentially a warrior elite composed of Christian nobles who pledged to support the further development of the Crusades and fight for conquered territories. They also played an important role during the reign of the former king of France, Philip the Fair.

Cathar and Templar teaching and practices

The Cathars were known for their rejection of Catholic beliefs and beliefs and practices derived from Western influence. They believed that evil had taken over the world and that only a free and autonomous religion could reclaim it. They also had purgative practices that employed prolonged fasting, mortificatio, and the elimination of material possessions. As for the Templars, their religious commitments were deeply rooted in the Christian faith and in the defense of Christian interests. They were known for their military discipline, their belief in warlike fury, and for their celebration of Christian principles such as forgiveness, honor, and respect. They were also famous for instituting a strict code of conduct based on devotion to faith and discipline.

Comparison between the Cathars and the Templars

The Cathars and the Templars are similar in their religious beliefs and practices and some of their beliefs and practices are very close. Both are religious movements that were engaged in strange practices and considered by the Catholic Church to be heresies. Both are believed to have been influenced by esotericism, hermeticism and certain pagan beliefs and practices. However, a major point of divergence between the two movements is their goals. While the Cathars were a religious movement, the Templars were primarily a military order dedicated to defending Christian interests. Furthermore, the organization and military discipline of the Templars were much more rigid than the darkness of the Cathars.

Military or not?

Where the Cathars and the Templars meet most is in their military functions. The Cathars had an armed militia composed of knights who were trained to lead military campaigns against the enemy, although the Cathar era ended before this force could truly be fully tested. The Templars, on the other hand, were a well-organized, disciplined, and armed military force. In addition to their missions supporting various military campaigns, the Templars were also responsible for protecting conquered lands, administering territories, and maintaining a standing army.

Summary of the difference between the Cathars and the Templars

Both the Cathars and the Templars were religious and military movements committed to a series of beliefs and practices that conflicted with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. However, where the two movements diverge is in their goals. The Cathars were more oriented toward the alliance of faith and politics, while the Templars were primarily a military order dedicated to defending Christian interests.


The Cathars and the Templars are two medieval religious movements with a common history and beliefs but very different goals. Where the Cathars tended to shy away from politics and focus on faith, the Templars were primarily focused on wars and protecting Christian interests. They have remained present in history and culture until today and their influence is still felt.

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