What is the difference between parcel relay and Mondial Relay?

What is the difference between parcel relay and Mondial Relay?

Difference between Relais Colis and Mondial Relay

How are they different?

Relais Colis and Mondial Relay are two parcel delivery services in France. However, they work differently.

Relais Colis is a network of partner relay points in France, where users can drop off and collect their packages. The service is cheaper than Mondial Relay, but delivery times are longer.

Mondial Relay, for its part, is a delivery service in France and throughout Europe. Users can drop off and collect their packages at one of the network's relay points, but can also request home delivery. The service is more expensive than Relais Colis, but delivery times are faster.

Why choose one over the other?

The choice depends on the user's needs. If delivery time is not a critical issue, Relais Colis may be a better option due to its low cost. However, if delivery time is crucial, Mondial Relay may be a better option as it offers shorter delivery times.

Where can they be used?

Relais Colis and Mondial Relay are both available in France. In addition to this, Mondial Relay is also available in other European countries.

Who uses these services and why?

The people who use these services are those who want to send or receive packages in France or Europe. They can be individuals or businesses that need to deliver products. The services are commonly used for online shopping because they offer convenient and cost-effective delivery options.

Figures and examples

In 2020, Relais Colis had more than 5 relay points in France, while Mondial Relay had more than 000 relay points in France and several other European countries.

The cost of delivery by Relais Colis can vary between €3,90 and €8,00, while the cost of Mondial Relay varies between €4,50 and €8,00. Fees depend on the weight and size of the package.

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