What is the difference between OUIGO and OUI.sncf?

What is the difference between OUIGO and OUI.sncf?

What is the difference between OUIGO and OUI.sncf?


OUI.sncf is the train ticket reservation service of the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF). It brings together all SNCF train offers under the same platform, including TER, Intercités and TGV trains.


OUIGO is a service brand of SNCF that offers low-cost trains, both conventional trains and high-speed trains. The main differences between OUIGO and OUI.sncf are as follows:

1. Rate

OUIGO offers particularly attractive prices, with tickets starting from 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for children. However, it should be noted that some additional services, such as seat reservations or additional baggage, require a fee.

2. Stations served

OUIGO mainly serves stations located on the outskirts of large cities, which helps reduce costs. On the other hand, main stations are often excluded from the OUIGO network, which may require an additional journey to reach the final destination.

3. On-board service

OUIGO offers a simplified on-board service compared to traditional SNCF trains. Dining services are limited and not included in the ticket price. In addition, OUIGO trains are often more crowded than traditional trains.

4. Reservation

OUIGO tickets must be reserved online, on the dedicated OUIGO website. It is not possible to purchase them at the station or in physical travel agencies.

Did you know?

1. TGV inOUI

TGV inOUI is the new name for SNCF's classic TGVs since 2017. These are traditional TGVs which offer comfort and speed services superior to those of OUIGO trains.

2. Expansion of the OUIGO network

Since its launch in 2013, the OUIGO network has grown considerably. It now serves many destinations in France, as well as cities in Belgium and Spain.

3. Popularity of OUIGO

OUIGO has become extremely popular due to its attractive rates, making it an affordable travel option for many travelers. It is also appreciated for its simplicity of online booking.

4. Flexibility of OUIGO prices

OUIGO offers several price categories, ranging from “classic” to “premium”. Premium rates allow you to have greater flexibility in terms of modifying and canceling your reservation.

5. Optional additional services

OUIGO also offers additional optional services, such as the reservation of XL seats or the possibility of transporting bicycles.

6. OUI.sncf internationally

OUI.sncf also offers international train ticket reservations, in partnership with the railway companies of different countries. This makes it possible to book train journeys throughout Europe from the same platform.

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