What is an apprenticeship

What is an apprenticeship?

By definition, an apprenticeship is a supervised learning experience under the tutelage of a trained professional. The training received during an apprenticeship should be similar to the training/education received in the classroom. Consequently, the grades obtained during the internship replace the remuneration. However, it is not uncommon for interns to also be paid by their employer at the end of their internship.

Is there a limit on the number of apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships being noted as a subject, teachers will generally inquire at the end of the internship with the company where they worked. They can then grade the pupil or student in relation to the scale set up. We have often heard some employers say that they can give good grades to the apprentice but this is completely false. The role of the company is unique: their role is to be a teacher and an educator on site (company: society), and not in the school environment. They can therefore promote the merits of the student but in the end, it is their school teacher who awards the grades.

Who decides if the internship is worthy of credit?

Technically, it is the student's university or college that has the ability to decide whether the student's internship qualifies for college credit or not. The decision is based solely on school policy as well as other criteria specific to the student's situation. That is to say; if the student has already completed an internship and received a study grade for it.

That said, when a student does an internship that counts towards their school grades, their company tutor or apprenticeship supervisor must absolutely do everything they can to help them obtain a good school grade. . That is to say, truly having the time to instruct him in his learning. It should be noted that almost all colleges and universities limit the number of internships a student can do to earn college credit. Otherwise, students would likely spend more time doing internships than going to class.

How to get college points from internships

In order to receive academic grades from an internship, students have guidelines to follow and the number of hours they must complete in an internship during a semester.

The specific department within their training center requires the employer to complete paperwork in advance that explains the intern's role and responsibilities at the company that sponsored the student. The school also requires that one or two assessments take place during the internship. The sponsor must complete documentation regarding the tasks completed by the student and specifically detail the new skills acquired.

Because internships are considered learning experiences, when students accept unpaid internships, it makes sense that they would seek college credit to compensate for the time they spent and the work they did. they accomplished. Paid interns are also eligible for college grades.

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