the 20 best sports in the world 2023?

The 20 best sports in the world in 2023

Sport is a global phenomenon that brings together millions of people, whether as spectators or practitioners. Every year, new sports gain popularity while others lose ground. In this article, we will study the top 20 sports in the world in 2023.

How did we establish this ranking?

We used several criteria to establish this ranking, such as popularity, number of licensees, number of international events, impact on the economy, etc. Note that this ranking is subjective and that the criteria may vary depending on the person.

The 20 best sports in the world in 2023

  1. Football (4 billion fans worldwide)
  2. Basketball (450 million licensees worldwide)
  3. Cricket (2,5 billion fans worldwide)
  4. Tennis (600 million fans worldwide)
  5. Volleyball (900 million members worldwide)
  6. Athletics (1 billion fans worldwide)
  7. Baseball (500 million fans worldwide)
  8. Swimming (500 million fans worldwide)
  9. Rugby (800 million fans worldwide)
  10. Boxing (120 million fans worldwide)
  11. Golf (450 million fans worldwide)
  12. Cycling (1 billion fans worldwide)
  13. Handball (27 million members worldwide)
  14. Ice hockey (2 million licensees worldwide)
  15. Badminton (220 million members worldwide)
  16. Climbing (35 million practitioners worldwide)
  17. Surfing (35 million people worldwide)
  18. Alpine skiing (10 million people worldwide)
  19. Snowboard (8 million people worldwide)
  20. Judo (20 million members worldwide)

Why are these sports the best?

These sports were chosen because they have great popularity and/or many practitioners around the world. They are also high profile and often generate a lot of money through sponsorships, television rights and ticket sales. Finally, these are sports that have a long history and have been practiced for decades, even centuries.

Where can you practice these sports?

These sports can be practiced in many countries around the world, whether club or amateur. Some sports like football or basketball are very popular in almost every country, while others are more specific to certain regions (like cricket in Asia or rugby in Europe and Oceania).

Who can practice these sports?

Anyone can practice these sports, whether recreationally or competitively. Some disciplines may require a certain level of fitness or skill, but there are options for all levels and abilities. National sports federations can help find a club or team near you.

Similar questions

  • What is the most popular sport in the world?
  • The most popular sport in the world is football, with around 4 billion fans worldwide.

  • What is the most practiced sport in the world?
  • The most played sport in the world is football, followed by cricket and basketball.

  • What is the most dangerous sport in the world?
  • It is difficult to say which sport is the most dangerous because it depends on the level of practice and the rules in force. However, sports such as boxing, MMA, extreme skiing or mountaineering are considered particularly risky.

  • What is the sport that brings in the most money?
  • The sport that brings in the most money is football, followed by basketball and baseball.

  • What is the most ecological sport?
  • The most eco-friendly sport is probably running, as it requires no special equipment and can be done anywhere without impacting the environment. Other activities like cycling or swimming can also be considered environmentally friendly.

  • What is the newest sport?
  • The most recent sport to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee is rock climbing, which was added to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

  • What is the oldest sport?
  • The oldest sport is probably wrestling, which was already practiced in ancient times and is still an Olympic sport today.

  • What sport requires the most strength?
  • The strength required depends on the sport and level of practice, but disciplines such as weightlifting, powerlifting, shot put or rugby are known to require great physical strength.




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