Social service assistant internship motivation email

Social service assistant internship motivation email


Social service assistant internship motivation email.

Example of a social service assistant internship motivation email

Mail object: social service assistant internship application

Hello sir madam.

my name is Your_Name_and_first_name_here
I am currently a student For example in the first year of social service assistant training example at ESSSE in Lyon.
I am looking for an internship with a social service assistant or social worker in the_name_of_the_city and its surroundings as part of my second year of training.
This course will take place from internship_start_date au End of internship date.
I am attaching to you in this email, my CV, my cover letter and my end of first year internship note.

Awaiting a response from you, please accept my best regards.

Social service assistant skills: how to describe them on your CV

  1. Welcoming, advising and guiding all people experiencing difficulty in social or professional integration. Identify a child in a situation of danger or risk of danger.
  2. Mission Integration with diverse audiences facing socio-economic difficulties. Partnership and networking with local stakeholders for service optimization.
  3. Welcoming and supporting people in sensitive urban areas. Support in integration processes, assessment of situations, reports and participation in technical commissions.
  4. Collection and processing of telephone and physical reports Listening and social support for affected policyholders. Social monitoring of unpaid various daily allowances, retirement, CMU, etc.

Total list of skills and work environment

  • Refer a person to bridging partners
  • Create a social assistance application file and follow up
  • Inform an audience, users
  • Survey Methods
  • Support and advise people in difficulty
  • Social security law
  • Analyze the situation and the person’s needs
  • Define a social support project with the person
  • Problem solving methods and tools
  • Intervening with a school audience
  • Listening and relationship techniques
  • Social support schemes
  • Develop a network of partners
  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Lead social projects
  • Editorial standards
  • Update professional and regulatory documentation
  • Intervening with people under judicial control
  • Carry out an action report
  • Participate in the design of social projects
  • Administrative management
  • Conduct social investigations upon judicial request
  • Socio-cultural characteristics of the public

  • Medicosocial
  • Home / shelter
  • Ministry / Central Administration
  • Territorial community
  • Association
  • At a private home
  • Social protection organization
  • Public enterprise/public establishment
  • Medical establishment (hospital, clinic, etc.)
  • Health and social action
  • Educational establishment


    social worker internship cover letter

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