Skills of a catering server according to the Ets

Server Skills in Catering

Skills of a restaurant server: the skills of the restaurant server profession evolve and are very often different depending on the restaurant. Classic restaurants, Macdonald, Kebab…

Here are several examples of skills used in different catering establishments.

Waiter catering in a kebab shop

Waiter catering in a kebab shop

For this type of fast food restaurant, you work as a versatile employee and your work can be:

  • Room service and take away
  • Preparing sandwiches
  • Cleaning the different stations and diving.
  • Food serving operations (table setting, welcoming customers, taking orders Preparation of simple dishes (salads, plate of raw vegetables, cheeses).

Skills of a catering server in a Pizzeria

Skills of a catering server in a Pizzeria (Italian cuisine, pizza, etc.)

In an Italian cuisine type pizzeria (pizza, grills, take-away meals and group cooking), the skills most required are the following:

  • Order taking
  • Room management
  • Drink and ice cream preparation service
  • Cleaning and maintenance of various machines
  • Collections.

skills of a Waiter in a Macdonald restaurant

What are the skills of a Waiter in a Macdonald's restaurant:

If you plan to work in a McDonald's, as a catering server, you very often have the status of a versatile team member. The most popular profiles for this position are friendly, dynamic and motivated people. With the status of server in catering in a Macdonald, you must be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Preparation and management of orders (sandwiches, drinks, starters and desserts)
  • Taking and preparing orders (at checkout and drive)
  • Cleaning the different positions (kitchen, dining room, counter, dishwashing)
  • Area management
  • Customer relationship
  • Assembling trays
  • Inventory storage
  • Animation of birthday snacks
  • Food Safety
  • Box…

Restaurant specializing in Seafood and fish waiter skills

Restaurant specializing in seafood and fish: skills of a waiter

  • Welcome customers
  • Place and deliver orders
  • Store and check stocks.
  • Cocktail making
  • Wine bottle opening and cashing.
  • Table service and bar counter
  • Knowledge of products and hygiene standards.

skills of a Restaurant Server: Small Restaurant

In a small restaurant, you are expected to be versatile. Otherwise, you will very often have to deal with functions such as:

  • Of Service
  • Reception
  • Cash management
  • Opening and closing of the establishment
  • Maintenance with HACCP standards
  • Bar maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Order from suppliers.

General skills related to the job of Waiter in Catering

  • Table setting techniques
  • Sommelier
  • Characteristics of alcohols
  • Collection procedures
  • Hygiene and food safety rules
  • Food serving techniques
  • Reading seating plan
  • Enter an order on computer
  • Process an order
  • Use of bar equipment
  • Basic culinary preparations
  • Oenology

  • Extra work
  • Traditional restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Gastronomic restaurant
  • Mobile catering establishment (cruise ship, train, etc.)
  • theme restaurant
  • Events
  • Use of bar equipment
  • Characteristics of alcohols
  • Process an order
  • Food serving techniques
  • Collection procedures


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