Sample cover letter offer no. 148SXVL- Home help

Subject: Application for job offer n°148SXVL – Home help

Sir / Madam,

Following your advert published on February 08, 2023 for a Home Help position in Moulis en Médoc, I am proposing my application.

Indeed, I hold the CAP, BEP and equivalent family support diploma – Family life assistant, which corresponds perfectly to the job offer.

As a housekeeper, I would like to share with you my one-year experience in this field. I am able to keep the person's household linen and clothing in good condition, to store products and goods according to their conservation conditions and their expiry dates, and to know the rules of hygiene and cleanliness. I can also carry out food or leisure shopping according to instructions. In addition, I have a driver's license and a personal vehicle to accompany the person to their medical appointments.

I will be very happy to use my skills and my dynamism for your company. I am very conscientious, punctual, caring and I have good communication skills.

I am available for an interview to explain my motivations in more detail.

Please accept, Sir/Madam, the expression of my best regards.


{Your signature}


Here is the summary of this job offer Home help

33 – MOULIS EN MEDOC – Locate with Mappy

Updated February 08, 2023 – offer no. 148SXVL

Individual is looking for a housekeeper on a fixed-term contract (progressive) to clean laundry, iron, tidy up and sometimes accompany you to medical appointments. The desired candidate must have a B license and a personal vehicle, be punctual, reliable and caring, and have good communication skills. Gross salary of €13/hour, 3-month fixed-term contract, essential experience and CAP/BEP/equivalent training required.

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