Example of Master of Law cover letter

Example of Master of Law cover letter

Sample cover letter for a master's degree in private law.

The Master of Laws is a two-year course specializing in law that provides high-level training for careers in business, law and finance. It includes courses on civil law, commercial law and public law.

Sample cover letter for a master's degree in private law

To the attention of [Name of person responsible for admissions],

[School contact details]

Subject: application for the Master in Private Law program

Madame, Monsieur,

I would like to inform you of my application for the Master's degree in Private Law at [Name of school]. With a solid background in Law, I am convinced that this program will give me the skills and experience necessary to pursue a career in the field of Law.

During my previous studies, I acquired an excellent understanding of the fundamental principles of Private Law. I have also developed a mastery of legal concepts, processes and procedures. I am particularly interested in business law and I believe that the Master in Private Law program will allow me to develop and deepen my knowledge in this area.

I am very motivated by the idea of ​​joining this program and I wish, through it, to acquire the skills necessary to become a competent and specialized legal professional. I am ready to invest all the efforts required to succeed and achieve my goals.

I am delighted to be able to apply for the Master in Private Law at [Name of school] and I sincerely thank you for this opportunity.

I remain available for any additional information.

Please accept, Sir/Madam, my most respectful greetings.

[Your Names and First Names]


Below we have provided some sample questions that might be relevant to include in your cover letter:

– What motivated you to apply for a Masters in Law?
– What sets you apart from other candidates?
– What is your greatest academic achievement and how has it prepared you for success in this program?
– What are your long-term goals and how will the Master in Law help you achieve them?
– What particular skills and experiences can you bring to this program?
– What are your academic and professional strengths?


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