Example of cover letter for professional retraining training

Example of cover letter for professional retraining training

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Subject: Application for professional retraining training

Madame, Monsieur,

Currently looking for a new professional direction, I would like to send you my application to join the professional retraining training offered by your organization.

Having worked for [number of years] as a [profession], I had the opportunity to acquire theoretical and practical skills in the field of [field of activity]. However, after careful consideration, I understood that this path was no longer in line with my aspirations and career goals.

This is why I am determined to retrain professionally and embrace a new trajectory in the field of [desired field of training]. I have already carried out in-depth research on this sector and I am convinced that I can fully flourish there thanks to my passion for [passion linked to the field]. Your training therefore appears to be an ideal opportunity to acquire the technical skills and knowledge necessary to embark on this new professional adventure.

As a motivated and determined candidate, I am ready to invest fully in this training. My professional career has allowed me to develop qualities such as [qualities linked to training], which will, in my opinion, be useful to me when learning new skills. I am also aware of the efforts and rigor required to succeed in this reconversion, and I am ready to put in place all the necessary actions to achieve this.

My professional retraining process is motivated by the desire to evolve in a booming sector, in which I am convinced that I can bring real added value. I am aware that this training represents a significant personal investment, but I am ready to assume this responsibility and seize this opportunity.

Remaining at your disposal for any further information, I am at your complete disposal for an interview to discuss in more detail my application and my motivations for this training.

Please find attached my curriculum vitae for more details on my professional background. I thank you in advance for the attention you will give to my application and assure you of my motivation and seriousness in this retraining process.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best regards.

[First and last name]

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