Salesperson cover letter for beginners

Salesperson cover letter for beginners

Example of cover letter for salesperson/beginner to apply for example at Envia. This letter can, however, be modified for an application for a position as a beginner sales advisor or even a job offer as a beginner cosmetic salesperson.


Madame, Monsieur,

In response to your job offer (offer no. 148WXTF) for the position of kitchen designer-salesperson M/F dated February 11, 2023, I would like to submit my application to join {At Envia}.

I am qualified to perform sales activities and would be happy to share my knowledge with your company.

During my previous experiences, I was in charge of welcoming and advising clients on the implementation of their projects. I was able to support them in their purchases, particularly through the graphic and 3D design of their kitchen. My fluent English also allowed me to satisfy foreign customers. I have great listening skills and I have always strived to offer them excellent service.

In addition, I am perfectly familiar with the different products offered and master the range of products and technical solutions. Rigorous, and with a keen sense of organization, I will be able to meet the requirements of your brand and provide professional service to my clients.

I remain at your disposal for an interview during which I can share with you the details of my professional background and my training.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best regards.


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