Cover letter Restaurant waiter / waitress

Cover letter Restaurant waiter / waitress

1°) Cover letter Experienced restaurant waiter/waitress

Dear Sir,

I am very interested in the position of restaurant waiter/waitress advertised by your company LE VIEIL AANNECY and I would like to send you my application.

Thanks to five years of experience in the hotel and catering industry, I have the knowledge in terms of hospitality and service that you demand. Also, I have successfully developed skills in availability and helpfulness which are essential to this position.

I am a very punctual, serious and responsible person and I always take great care to carry out my duties in a rigorous and meticulous manner.

I think I will fit in perfectly with your team. Also, I offer to join the staff of the establishment and add a personal touch thanks to my enthusiasm and my motivation.

I am at your disposal for any interview, which would allow me to provide you with more precise information on my experience and my motivations.

While awaiting a response from you, I thank you for your attention to my application.


[last name First Name]

2°) Cover letter Waiter / Restaurant waitress looking for professional contract

I would like to send my application for the position of waiter or waitress offered by your company, LE VIEIL ANNECY, for which I have the required profile.

Holder of a literary baccalaureate with a specialization in commerce and marketing, I was trained in the techniques and practices of catering and room service for several weeks. My plan is to join training which will allow me to obtain a diploma recognized by qualifying bodies and sanctioning specific work and expertise in catering service.

Following my two years' professional experience as a waiter under a temporary contract, I acquired the professional skills and interpersonal skills required for this position: adaptability, responsiveness and rigor.

I will be happy to put my dynamism, my courtesy and my good presentation at the service of your establishment. I attach particular importance to customer satisfaction and will do everything possible to meet the standards expected by your company.

I am available to arrange an interview at your convenience. Please appreciate the expression of my respectful greetings.

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