Professional retraining professional integration advisor

Professional retraining professional integration advisor

Examples of professional retraining, professional integration advisor. It is essential to include on your CV your desire to change jobs or a professional reorientation. Here are different examples.

Examples of professional retraining, professional integration advisor

Professional retraining professional integration advisor


 “Very good interpersonal skills – Sense of responsibility – Team spirit – I have good listening skills and analytical skills. I adapt easily to diverse contexts. »

In retraining: moving towards a position of professional integration advisor, professional adult trainer or technical supervisor

 “With a real sense of contact, I would like to put my skills at the service of a company which will promote a spirit of initiative and teamwork in order to help people find solutions to their integration difficulties . »

CV hook for professional retraining to become a professional integration advisor

 » Holder of a Specialized Master's degree in Human Resources, and with 4 years of experience within medium or large structures, I wish to carry out a professional retraining as a professional integration advisor. »

Example of CV hook Professional integration advisor

“Professional integration advisor title obtained this year following a professional retraining. I have 3 months of experience in this profession. I also have good command and knowledge in the commercial field. You can count on my ability to adapt, my versatility and my motivation. Mobility envisaged”.


  • Supporting a person in an integration process
  • Welcoming a person or group
  • Prepare and lead a collective information meeting
  • Interview Conduct Techniques
  • Team work

Social and Professional Integration Advisor / Socio-Professional Supporter

 “A social worker since 2004 with young people in social difficulty, I am currently in a dynamic of retraining and continuity to intervene in Social and Professional Integration with young people and adults. »

Example of a professional retraining sentence, professional integration advisor

 “Training as a Professional Integration Advisor at AFPA in Nice, a retraining that I am experiencing with passion and motivation that I can't wait to share with you! »


  • Autonomy
  • Stress management
  • Step back
  • Team work
  • Communication skills

Professional integration advisor

 “My training, which for me is a professional reconversion, allows me to cross-reference my sales skills with those of the professional integration advisor profession. »


  • create technical support tools
  • Professional project development methods
  • individual and collective reception of beneficiaries
  • conduct support interviews
  • prospecting with employers

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