OM Mercato: A Lopez-Asllani exchange would have left OM without compensation


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This summer, Maxime Lopez was loaned with an option to buy by Sassuolo to Fiorentina. OM is keeping an eye on its old Minot because it must recover 30% of a future resale. But he almost got caught because the Italian club negotiated an exchange for a long time…

A poker move for OM

Maxime Lopez left his mark on the minds of OM supporters last week by scoring a superb goal during Fiorentina's victory in the Europa League Conference. However, for the moment the Marseille leaders are not losing sight of Minot. Indeed, during his transfer to Sassuolo for only €2 million in 2021, a clause was included ensuring OM 30% of a future resale. Currently, the player is on loan at Fiorentina with a purchase option, the amount of which has not been disclosed. If the Italian club decides to exercise this option next June, OM could recover between €3 and €5 million.

An exchange that could have cost OM dearly

Pablo Longoria, the president of OM, came close to disaster with the leaders of Sassuolo! Indeed, the Italian club was in negotiations with Inter Milan for an exchange between Maxime Lopez and Kristjan Asllani. If this transaction had been successful, OM would have received nothing in compensation! However, Asllani refused to leave the Nerazzurri, leading to Lopez's almost hasty transfer to Fiorentina on September 1. Longoria, criticized for the low amount of Lopez's initial transfer, was able to breathe a big breath of relief...

To summarize, this summer Maxime Lopez came close to a transfer to Inter Milan. An exchange with Kristjan Asllani had been agreed between Sassuolo and Inter. Fortunately for OM, Asllani refused the offer, thus preventing Marseille from losing money since the club is supposed to recover 30% of a future sale.



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