How to use the word “diligence” in a sentence

How to use the word “diligence” in a sentence:

The word “diligence” can be used in different ways in a French sentence. Here are some examples :


    • Application: He showed great diligence in his work.
    • Diligence: She studied diligently to pass her exams.
    • Care: He repaired the car with the greatest diligence.
    • Rigor: The teacher corrected the copies with great diligence.
    • Accuracy: He completed his work while diligently meeting deadlines.
    • Thoroughness: She carried out her work with extreme diligence.
    • Focus: They worked diligently to resolve the problem.
    • Vigilance: The children crossed the road diligently.

Equivalent expressions:

    • Carefully: He carried out the task diligently and carefully.
    • Seriously: She approached the project diligently and seriously.
    • Diligently: He followed the course diligently and diligently.
    • With application: The painter created his painting with diligence and application.
    • With rigor: The researcher carried out his experiments with diligence and rigor.
    • Meticulously: She sewed the garment diligently and meticulously.
    • Accurately: He followed instructions diligently and accurately.
    • With Concentration: The students studied diligently and with concentration.

Specific verbs:

    • Work diligently: He worked diligently to complete the project.
    • Act diligently: She acted diligently to resolve the problem.
    • Perform diligently: The musician performed the score diligently.
    • Search diligently: Investigators search for clues diligently.
    • Study Diligently: Students study diligently to succeed.
    • Respond diligently: She answered the questions diligently.
    • Examine diligently: The doctor examined the patient diligently.
    • Correct diligently: The teacher corrects the copies diligently.

Alternative prepositions:

    • With diligence and precision, she solved the problem.
    • He worked diligently throughout the day.
    • Without diligence, the project would not have been successful.
    • She was diligent towards her work.
    • He acted diligently despite the difficulties.
    • Diligently and efficiently, he accomplished his task.
    • Diligence is required to complete this project.
    • He succeeded through diligence and commitment.

Other grammatical processes:

Other grammatical devices can be used to express the idea of ​​diligence:

    • Diligently, he completed his work.
    • He worked with exemplary diligence.
    • Despite the obstacles, she was diligent.
    • Diligence is an essential quality in this field.
    • He moved forward in his research diligently.
    • Diligence is the key to success.
    • He acted with diligence and determination.
    • Diligence is essential to achieve your goals.

Alternative sentences:

Here are some other sentences in which the word "diligence" can be used:

    • She worked diligently to achieve her goal.
    • It is essential to be diligent in your work.
    • His success is the result of his diligence.
    • With diligence and perseverance, he succeeded.
    • Diligence is an important value to cultivate.
    • She showed great diligence in her studies.
    • Diligence is the key to achieving your dreams.
    • He carried out his tasks diligently and efficiently.

Syntactic structures:

Here are some examples of sentences using different syntactic structures with the word “diligence”:

    • The diligence he demonstrated was remarkable.
    • He worked with unwavering diligence.
    • Diligently and methodically, he accomplished his tasks.
    • Diligence is the key to success.
    • He acted with the greatest diligence.
    • She resolved the problem thoroughly and diligently.
    • His diligence was rewarded with a promotion.
    • Diligence is a quality appreciated in this field.

Enriched writing style:

To replace the word "diligence" in a sentence with an enriched writing style, here are some examples using metaphors, similes or more detailed descriptions:

    • He worked as hard as an ant building his anthill.
    • She demonstrated the careful attention of a watchmaker to complete her project.
    • The perseverance he showed is comparable to that of a marathon runner reaching the finish line.
    • The rigor he brought to his work was like that of a surgeon performing a delicate operation.
    • The concentration she displayed was as intense as that of an athlete during a competition.
    • His attention to detail was comparable to that of an artist painting a picture.
    • He performed his tasks with the same precision and care as a gardener growing a rare flower.
    • The determination with which she pursued her goals was as strong as that of a mountaineer ascending a mountain.

Did you know?

The word “diligence” can also be found in the following subjects:

    • Law: in law, diligence refers to the duty of prudence and vigilance that a person must respect.
    • History: In history, the stagecoach was a means of land transportation used in the 18th and 19th centuries.
    • Commerce: In commerce, diligence refers to the rapid and efficient execution of a transaction.
    • Transport: in the field of transport, stagecoach refers to a passenger transport company.
    • Psychology: In psychology, diligence can be associated with sustained effort in completing a task.
    • Economics: In economics, diligence can refer to the production factor corresponding to human effort.


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