How to unhide a private number on Android?

How to unhide a private number on Android?

How to unmask a private number on Android?

If you want to unhide a private number on Android, there are several techniques you can try:

Use Truecaller

Truecaller is a popular application for Android smartphones that allows you to differentiate unknown numbers and block unwanted calls. Using this app you can easily identify hidden and unknown numbers and find out who is calling you. Truecaller features a massive database that helps identify unknown numbers. Just download and install the app and then activate it on your Android mobile.

Dial the prefix #31#

It is possible to dial the prefix #31# before typing the phone number to hide your number. If you want to unmask a number that is also hiding its number, you can try calling that number using trick #31#.

Check your phone settings

In the Android “Phone” app, you can select “Options” or “More settings”. You can then choose “caller number/identity”. However, this method only works if the caller has not blocked their number.

Use the “Showcaller” app

Showcaller is a free application that allows you to find information about hidden numbers. The database is updated every day to identify spam numbers or not.

Clear unwanted calls

A number may be designated as a spam call if you have previously received unwanted calls from that number. These calls are saved in the call history in your Android phone. However, you can erase these calls to avoid nuisance calls and unmask the unknown number.

Contact your telephone company

If you are being harassed by a hidden number, you can contact your telephone service provider and request that they intervene. Your carrier can provide assistance by blocking the number or reporting suspicious activity.

Try searching for the owner of the number

You can search the Internet using the unknown phone number to find out who is calling you. You can also use online reverse directories to look up the owner of a number. However, please be careful of online scams and do not give out personal information.

Block the number

If you don't want to receive calls from a hidden number, you can simply block it. In the "Phone" app, you can select "Options" or "More settings", then choose "Blocked number". You can then add the hidden number to the block list.

Contact the police

If you are being harassed by a private number and feel threatened, do not hesitate to contact the police. They can help you identify and locate the caller, and take legal action against them if necessary.

In summary, there are several methods to unmask a private number on Android, but it is important not to reveal personal information and be careful when using online services to identify unknown numbers.


    How to unhide a private number on Android

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