How to replace “Welcomed” in a sentence

How to replace “Welcomed” in a sentence


In the French language, it is sometimes necessary to find alternatives to express the term “welcome” in a more varied and vocabulary-rich way. In this article, we will explore different ways to replace this word in a sentence to enrich your written expression.

How to use “Welcomed” in a sentence?

The word “Welcomed” can be used to express the action of receiving someone in a warm or supportive manner. It is generally used in greetings, meetings or accommodations.

What are the synonyms?

  • Received
  • Greeted
  • Hospitalized
  • Received with open arms
  • Supported
  • Welcome
  • Accompanied
  • Renewed

Synonyms allow you to vary the vocabulary and avoid repetition.

What are the equivalent expressions?

  • Receive with kindness
  • Welcome
  • Give hospitality to
  • Offer a warm welcome
  • Be welcome
  • Take charge
  • Attend in a welcoming manner
  • Accompany with kindness

These equivalent expressions add diversity and subtlety to your language.

Are there any specific verbs?

  • The host warmly received his guests.
  • He greeted his friends enthusiastically.
  • The family took care of the visitors.
  • She welcomed the new arrivals with kindness.
  • The staff accompanied guests throughout their stay.
  • We assisted our colleagues in a welcoming manner.
  • The locals gave hospitality to those in need.
  • He accompanied the travelers throughout their journey.

These specific verbs offer a wealth of nuance in the expression of welcome.

Alternative prepositions

  • She was received by friends.
  • He was welcomed by his colleagues.
  • The guests were received in a warm setting.
  • The tourists were received hospitably.

Alternative prepositions allow you to vary the way you present the welcome.

Other grammatical processes

The transformation into an adjective: The visitors were warmly received.

The use of adverbs: They were received very courteously.

Passive construction: The new arrivals were received with kindness.

Alternative sentences

  • Guests were warmly welcomed upon arrival.
  • The participants were received hospitably during the event.
  • The students were welcomed into the class.
  • Patients were greeted with empathy by the staff.

Syntactic structures

At the beginning of the sentence:
Welcomed by a dynamic team, the guests immediately felt at ease.
At the end of the sentence: The visitors were well received, as they should be.

Enriched writing style

The new arrivals were greeted like members of the family, in an atmosphere marked by warmth and generosity.

Did you know?

Areas where the topic may be relevant:

  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Welcoming refugees
  • Support services
  • Diplomatic protocols
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Professional practices

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