How to replace “Coup De Foudre” in a sentence

How to replace “Coup De Foudre” in a sentence


When you want to express a strong feeling or intense attraction in French, the commonly used term is “love at first sight.” However, it is sometimes interesting to vary expressions to enrich your language and make your sentences more original. In this article, we will present you with different alternatives to replace the expression “love at first sight” in a sentence. We will also explain when and how to use these different expressions.

What are the synonyms?

Here are eight synonyms you can use to replace “love at first sight”:

  • Flash of passion: This expression suggests a sudden and intense attraction to someone.
  • Blazing love: It evokes a love that develops quickly and forcefully.
  • Electrical meeting: She describes an encounter charged with energy and intense emotions.
  • Instant Flame: This expression emphasizes the rapid and intense appearance of a romantic flame.
  • Dizziness in love: It suggests a feeling of dizziness and bewilderment caused by sudden love.
  • Passionate emotion: This expression emphasizes the strong and passionate emotions aroused by a person.
  • Irresistible attraction: It suggests a powerful and impossible to resist attraction towards someone.
  • Thunderbolt in love: This expression translates the idea of ​​being “struck” by love.

What are the equivalent expressions?

In addition to synonyms, there are several expressions equivalent to “love at first sight”:

  • To fall under a charm : This expression describes being seduced by someone suddenly.
  • Have a crush on: It involves feeling a particular and passing interest in someone.
  • To be in love: It expresses a feeling of deep and intense love towards someone.
  • Be under the spell: This expression suggests being fascinated and attracted to someone.
  • Have a crush: It means having a significant crush on someone.
  • Being madly in love: This expression indicates passionate and intense love for someone.
  • Being subjugated: It conveys the idea of ​​being completely captivated and enchanted by someone.
  • Having mutual love at first sight: This expression refers to love at first sight shared between two people.

Are there any specific verbs?

Here are eight example sentences using specific verbs to express love at first sight:

  • I was literally “struck away” by his charm as soon as I met him.
  • I fell in love with him/her at first sight.
  • He/She completely “bewitched” me when we first met.
  • I “succumbed” to his charm instantly.
  • I felt “magnetized” by him/her at first sight.
  • He/She “captivated” me from our first conversation.
  • I had a real “flash” for him/her.
  • His smile “enchanted” me as soon as our eyes met.

Alternative prepositions

To express love at first sight, you can use different prepositions:

  • I fell in love with him/her as soon as we met.
  • I “fell under the spell” of this person.
  • I felt a “rush of love” towards him/her.
  • I was struck with “affection” for him/her from the start.

Other grammatical processes

In addition to synonyms, equivalent expressions, specific verbs and alternative prepositions, there are other grammatical devices to replace “love at first sight”. For example :

  • A “feeling of intense love” came over me when I met him.
  • My heart was “immediately won” by this man/woman.
  • I experienced a “dazzling romantic encounter” with him/her.
  • The bond between us was “instant and powerful”.

Alternative sentences

Here are some examples of alternative sentences to express love at first sight:

  • My heart was touched by his presence from the first moment.
  • As soon as I saw him/her, I knew it was him/her.
  • I literally fell in love with this person at first sight.
  • He/She made my heart capsize from our first meeting.

Syntactic structures

Here are some additional examples of syntactic structures to express love at first sight:

  • I suddenly fell in love with him/her.
  • His incredible charm caused real love at first sight in me.
  • The first time I saw it, my heart skipped a beat.
  • Our meeting was like a bolt from the blue in my life.

Enriched writing style

To make your sentences richer and more expressive, you can use metaphors, similes or more detailed descriptions. For example :

  • When our eyes met, my heart was struck by the lightning of love, a blinding flash that illuminated my existence.
  • Her smile was so dazzling that I was instantly bewitched, as if drawn by a powerful magnet.
  • Every moment spent with him/her is like a rediscovery of happiness, a shower of shooting stars in my universe.
  • Our love grows every day, like a blazing fire that consumes our hearts and makes our lives shine.

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