How to replace “I” in a sentence

How to replace “I” in a sentence

In French, the pronoun “je” is used to refer to the first person singular. However, there are several ways to replace it in a sentence.


Here are eight examples of synonyms for the pronoun “I”:

    • soft
    • myself
    • my person
    • my own person
    • my being
    • my legal entity
    • the author of these lines
    • the speaker

Equivalent expressions

Here are eight examples of equivalent expressions to replace the pronoun “I”:

    • in my opinion
    • from my point of view
    • from my own experience
    • for my part
    • as for me
    • as far as I am concerned
    • in my opinion
    • personally

Specific verbs

There are some specific verbs that can be used to replace the pronoun "I" in a sentence. Here are eight examples:

    • say (I say that…)
    • think (I think…)
    • believe (I believe that…)
    • know (I know that…)
    • hope (I hope…)
    • want (I want…)
    • love (I love that…)
    • prefer (I prefer that…)

Alternative prepositions

There are alternative prepositions that can be used to replace the pronoun "I" in a sentence. Here are some examples :

    • about me
    • as far as I'm concerned
    • for my part
    • for my part
    • compared to me

Other grammatical processes

There are other grammatical processes that allow you to replace the pronoun “I” in a sentence. Here are some examples :

    • Use a passive turn of phrase (The decision has been made…)
    • Use the pronoun “we” (They say that…)
    • Use the indefinite pronoun “someone” (Someone said that…)
    • Use a third person (It is said that…)

Alternative sentences

Here are some examples of alternative sentences to replace the pronoun “I”:

    • In my opinion, it is necessary to…
    • From my point of view, this decision is…
    • As far as I'm concerned, I think...
    • Personally, I agree with…

Syntactic structures

Here are some examples of syntactic structures to replace the pronoun “I”:

    • The fact is that…
    • It is important to note that…
    • A common idea is that…
    • Some people argue that…

Enriched writing style

Here are some examples of sentences using metaphors, similes, or more detailed descriptions to replace the pronoun “I”:

    • Like a navigator on the ocean of life, I believe that…
    • Like a star in the sky, I believe that...
    • Like an explorer in a jungle of ideas, I think…
    • Like a conductor directing his symphony, I am convinced that…

Did you know?

1. The use of the pronoun “I” varies depending on the language register

In an informal or colloquial register, it is common to use expressions equivalent to the pronoun “I” to bring a more personal connotation to one's words. On the other hand, in a sustained or formal register, it is preferable to use the pronoun “I” in a more direct way.

2. Omission of the pronoun “I” is possible

In certain sentence constructions, the pronoun “I” can be omitted when it is obvious from the context. For example, instead of saying "I think this is a good idea", it is possible to simply say "Think this is a good idea".

3. Other subject pronouns in French

Besides the pronoun "je", there are other subject pronouns in French such as "tu" (for the second person singular), "he/she" (for the third person singular) and "we/you/they /elles” (for the different forms of the plural).

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