How to rate and rate Netflix content

How to rate and rate Netflix content

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How to rate and rate Netflix content

Nowadays, Netflix is ​​very strict when it comes to personal opinions.

– Netflix uses a thumbs-based rating system: a thumbs up means you liked the content, a thumbs down means you didn't like it, and two thumbs up means you did. you loved it.

– You can rate content while reading it or on its presentation page.

Change one's mind

– It is possible to change your mind after evaluating content by clicking on another thumb.

Check rating history

– You can view your rating history using a web browser, but this feature is not available in the Netflix app.

From Netflix's Activity History, you'll see your ratings of everything you've watched with your account up to today.

The disappearance of stars and reviews

– The old star rating system was removed in 2018.
– It is not possible to leave reviews on Netflix, this feature was also removed in 2018 to avoid negative comments.

On the other hand, on similar platforms like Filmin, for example, you can rate the films and series you watch from 1 to 10.

The absence of reviews on Netflix

If you want to post reviews of Netflix movies and series, you will need to use other platforms such as IMDb or FilmAffinity.

Check the ratings for films and series on Netflix

In summary, Netflix allows you to rate and rate content with a thumbs system, change your mind, and view your rating history. However, the ability to leave reviews on Netflix has been removed.




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