How to connect 3 electrical wires with domino?

How to connect 3 electrical wires with domino?

How to connect 3 electrical wires with domino?


To connect 3 electrical wires with a domino, follow these steps:
1. Turn off the power supply using a circuit breaker or main switch.
2. Remove 1 to 2 cm of insulation from each end of the 3 wires to be connected.
3. Insert each wire into a hole in the domino.
4. Tighten the domino screw on each wire to hold them in place.
5. Check that the connections are tight and verify that the power supply is working properly.


Connecting to a domino is a simple, quick and inexpensive solution for making branching and electrical connections in complete safety. Dominoes are electrical accessories commonly used in electrical installations.

Where ?

Connection to a domino can be used in all situations where it is necessary to make electrical connections. They are commonly used in domestic, industrial or commercial electrical installations.


Professional electricians and individuals can use dominoes to make electrical connections safely.

Examples and figures:

The dominoes are capable of withstanding currents of up to 24A and voltages of up to 450V. Dominoes are also available in different sizes to accommodate different wire diameters.

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1. How to choose the size of domino to connect 3 electrical wires?

The size of the domino will depend on the diameter of the wires you are using. Dominoes are available in several sizes to accommodate different wire diameters.

2. How many wires can be connected with a single domino?

Depending on the size of the domino, you can connect several wires. Dominoes can withstand up to 24 A and up to 450 V.

3. How to check the quality of the connection after using a domino?

To check the quality of the connection, simply check whether there is excessive play in the wires and whether the connection is secure.

4. How to remove a domino already installed on an electrical wire?

To remove a domino, you can simply unscrew the screw that holds the wires in place. It is important to turn off the power supply before removing a domino.

5. How to avoid false contacts when using dominoes?

To avoid false contacts, it is important to ensure that the wires are fully seated in the domino before tightening the screw. Also check that the screw is tight to avoid loose connections.

6. How to secure dominoes when used outdoors?

To secure the dominoes outdoors, you can use waterproof junction boxes. The enclosures prevent moisture and dust from entering the connections, which can cause problems in the long run.

7. How to choose the type of domino for a large electrical installation?

For a large electrical installation, it is important to choose high quality and large dominoes. Dominoes must be able to withstand higher current than other dominoes.

8. How do you know if a domino is up to standard?

Dominoes sold commercially are subject to quality and safety standards. To know if a domino is up to standard, simply check whether its technical specifications comply with the requirements of the electrical industry.


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