How to Become a Material Cutting Agent with or without a Diploma

Without diploma? How to become Material cutting agent

How to become a material cutting agent with or without a diploma?


To become a material cutting agent, it is best to have training in the field of metallurgy or mechanics. However, it is possible to work in this profession without a specific diploma by following professional training or gaining experience in the field.

There are several routes to training as a material cutting agent:

1. Professional training: Many schools and training centers offer training programs in material cutting. For example, the Industrial Vocational Training Center (CFPI) offers technician training in cutting and stamping.

2. Apprenticeship: It is possible to train as an apprentice with a company specializing in cutting materials. This formula allows you to acquire practical skills while being paid.

3. Field experience: Some companies are willing to hire material cutting agents without a degree, but with significant experience in the field. It is possible to start as a machine operator before progressing to cutting agent positions.


Cutting materials is an essential step in many industrial sectors such as automotive, aeronautics and construction. Becoming a material cutting agent offers employment opportunities in specialized companies and allows you to work on a variety of projects.

The job of material cutting agent is technically demanding and requires precise skills in handling cutting machines, reading technical plans and controlling the quality of the cut parts. It also requires great rigor and a good understanding of the properties of the materials used.


Material cutting workers may work in different types of businesses, such as automotive parts manufacturing companies, aircraft production plants, or companies that specialize in cutting metals for construction.

This profession can be practiced in production workshops, manufacturing plants or even on construction sites. Material cutting workers may be required to work in teams and collaborate with other professionals such as engineers or technicians.


The material cutting officer is responsible for preparing cutting machines, adjusting cutting parameters according to the materials used, observing safety regulations and maintaining equipment.

He must be able to read and interpret technical plans, choose the appropriate cutting tools, operate machines with precision and carry out regular quality checks to ensure the conformity of the cut parts.

Figures and examples:
– According to the website, the average salary of a materials cutting agent in France is around 26 euros per year.
– A company specializing in the cutting of automotive materials is recruiting cutting agents without a diploma but with at least 2 years of experience.

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