How to Become an Assistant in Hospitality and Catering with or without a Diploma

Without diploma? How to become Assistant in hotel and catering

How to become a hotel and catering assistant with or without a diploma?


The hotel and catering industry is a constantly evolving sector that offers numerous professional opportunities. Becoming a hotel and restaurant assistant can be achievable with or without a degree, but it is important to develop specific skills and demonstrate experience. In this article, we will explore the different paths to becoming a hotel and restaurant assistant, the reasons why this career can be interesting, where to work in this profession, as well as the main tasks and responsibilities that this job entails.

How to become an assistant in hotel and catering with a diploma?

To become an assistant in hotel and catering with a diploma, here are the steps to follow:

1.Obtain training in hospitality and catering: There are many educational establishments, such as hospitality schools or specialized training institutes, that offer study programs in hospitality and catering. These training courses can lead to obtaining a diploma, certificate or patent.

2.Acquire practical experience: In addition to the theoretical aspect of training, it is essential to put the acquired knowledge into practice. Obtaining internships in renowned hospitality establishments or restaurants can be a great way to develop your practical skills.

3.Specialize in a particular field: Hospitality offers various specializations such as hotel management, catering, customer service, human resource management, marketing, etc. Choosing a specialization can help you stand out in the job market and access higher positions.

4.Be on the lookout for career opportunities: Once you graduate, it is important to actively seek career opportunities. Trade fairs, job websites and hospitality industry contacts can be valuable resources for finding an assistant position.

5.Develop your leadership and management skills: As a hotel and restaurant assistant, it is important to have leadership and management skills, because you will often be required to supervise a team. Participating in additional training to develop these skills can be beneficial to advancing your career.

Why become a hotel and catering assistant?

– Opportunity to work in a dynamic sector: The hotel and catering industry offers numerous opportunities for development and allows you to work in an environment that is always in motion.
– Interaction with customers: As a hotel and restaurant assistant, you will be in constant contact with customers, which can be personally rewarding.
– Opportunity to travel: Hospitality is an international sector, which means you may have the opportunity to work abroad or travel frequently for work.

Where to work as a hotel and catering assistant?

As a Hospitality Assistant, you can work in a wide variety of establishments such as hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts, cruise ships, etc. Some popular destinations to work in this field include Paris, Dubai, New York, and Tokyo.

Who does what as a hotel and catering assistant and how?

As a hotel and catering assistant, your main responsibilities will be to assist the director or head of the establishment in the daily management of operations. This may include:
– Manage staff schedules
– Ensure the quality of customer service
– Supervise teams and train them if necessary
– Ensure the application of hygiene and safety standards
– Participate in inventory management
– Contribute to the development of menus and menus

These tasks may vary depending on the institution you work at and your specialization.

Additional Questions and Answers

1. What are the essential skills to become a hotel and restaurant assistant?
– Essential skills include the ability to work in a team, excellent communication skills, strong customer service, stress management and the ability to make decisions quickly.

2. What career prospects does this profession offer?
– As an assistant in the hotel and catering industry, you can progress to positions of establishment manager or chef. Additionally, you can consider working abroad in luxury hotels or international chains.

3. What is the average salary of a hotel and catering assistant?
– The average salary of a hotel and catering assistant varies depending on experience, workplace and sector of activity. In France, the average salary is between 1 and 800 euros gross per month.

4. What are the advantages and challenges of this job?
– Benefits include the opportunity to work in a dynamic industry, interaction with customers and the opportunity to travel. Challenges include often irregular working hours, stress and pressure to provide quality service.

5. What additional training may be useful to progress in this career?
– Training in management, leadership, marketing and human resources management can be useful for progressing in this career.

6. How to keep up to date with new trends and developments in the hospitality sector?
– Attending trade shows, joining industry associations, following trade blogs and reading trade magazines are all ways to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the sector.

7. Is it preferable to have professional experience before applying for an assistant position in the hotel and catering industry?
– Although prior professional experience is not mandatory, it can be an advantage when looking for an assistant position in the hotel and catering industry. It demonstrates your commitment and practical skills in the field.

8. What foreign languages ​​are useful for working in the hotel and catering industry?
– Fluency in English is essential in the hospitality industry. Knowledge of other languages ​​such as Spanish, German or Chinese may also be an asset.


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