CV hook Hospital care agent: in response to job offer

CV hanger Hospital care worker

CV hook Hospital care agent: in response to job offer. Examples of hooks to respond to a job offer for a hospital care worker.

CV hook Hospital care worker used by some candidates

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Madam, Sir, It is with great interest that I am contacting you about my application for an ASH position. Dynamic and motivated, I acquired the professional experience for this job during my 3 years in a retirement home.

Description of the tasks carried out by this candidate:
Qualified care worker – Retirement home
toilets, cleaning, laundry, feeding people, washing dishes. As well as other night tasks. Be careful with elderly people of possible changes.


Waiting to take the partial nursing assistant competition to validate the modules 1-3-6-8 modules that I exercised during my competition contract obtained in 20XX at the IFAS of TULLE (training not done due to lack of funding of the organism)


Holder of the Health and Social Career BEP and having completed Nursing Assistant preparation after obtaining the BEP. I completed several internships in retirement homes, clinics and hospitals where I was able to acquire some skills.


Dynamic, smiling, motivated. During my professional experiences, I acquired the listening skills, understanding, respect and hygiene necessary for an ash position. I prioritized the needs of patients.

Description of the tasks carried out by this candidate:

Care agent – ​​Notre Dame des Roche in Anjous 38150
As a life assistant – Supporting people in carrying out their activities and leisure activities. Medical travel – Meal assistance, service – Toilet assistance – Change nursing of people, – taking constants…

Hospital CARE AGENT hanger

Graduated from BEPA agricultural personal service and with 5 years of experience in this sector, I have acquired all the skills necessary to occupy this type of position in complete autonomy.

Description of the tasks carried out by this candidate:
ASH – retirement home
Maintenance and hygiene of premises, meal assistance, meal distribution, support, toileting assistance, as well as assistance with patient comfort

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