Example of cover letter for agricultural position (M/F)

Example of cover letter for agricultural position (M/F)

agricultural cover letter in response to job offer. Do you want to work as a seasonal worker or pursue a career in agriculture? In a farm? This cover letter is ideal for those who are familiar with cultures and able to adapt to changes and weather conditions. It offers the opportunity to show your motivation and skills.

Example of agricultural cover letter in response to a job offer


Je vous écris dans le cadre de l’offre d’emploi que vous avez publiée le lundi 15 avril 2024 pour le poste de salarié (H/F) agricole. J’ai lu attentivement l’offre et j’ai l’expérience, la formation et les compétences nécessaires pour le poste.

I have more than two years of professional experience operating agricultural machinery, as well as the necessary qualifications to maintain a plantation and identify the type of intervention to be carried out. I also have B and BE licenses, as well as basic mechanical knowledge and knowledge of the agricultural world, particularly the vineyard. In view of the responsibility that the position requires, I also have a spirit of initiative and curiosity.

I consider that my profile matches the description of the position you offer and I would be very motivated to join your team.

I am of course at your disposal to provide you with more information and share my professional background and my references during a possible interview.

In this anticipation, please accept, Madam/Sir, my distinguished greetings.

Please accept,



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