Ex. cover letter: Offer n° 170VLFD AERONAUTICAL quality inspector - TAF TOULOUSE 2024 (M/F)

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Offer n° 170VLFD
AERONAUTICS quality inspector - TAF TOULOUSE 2024 (M/F)

31 – BLAGNAC – Locate with Mappy

Updated March 10, 2024

In your position, you will work in contact with all departments: operators, technicians, production managers and design office. Your mission is to control assembly operations on an aeronautical assembly line. Control assembly operations on the assembly line and on construction sites; Inspect, measure the product or equipment in relation to the specifications and requirements of the specifications; Certify the conformity of the products upon receipt; Certify the conformity of operations linked to assembly ;Assist and certify the adjustment and assembly phases of the sections;Record the anomalies observed: drafting an AM (Assembly Anomaly) & NC (Non-Conformities);Issuing “Disputes” and transmitting them to technical support; Check and validate exemptions linked to the FAL and partners; Issue invitations for visits to customers & assist the customer coordinator with zone presentations; Carry out zone visits and zone closures (neutral position). The industry is asking “Why you”? And if you answered “Because”: Because you have initial training at Level IV (Bac) or Level III (Bac +2) civil or military specializing in mechanics, airframe repair, electricity/on-board equipment or aeronautical boilermaking OR CQPM Quality Inspector; You have knowledge of aeronautical technology: aerodynamics and flight mechanics, general technologies, aircraft propellers and circuits, on-board instruments; You have experience of at least 2 years as a Quality Inspector

Type of Contract
Permanent contract
Employment contract
Working time
35H Shift work (2×8, 3×8, 5×8, etc.)
  • Gross salary: Monthly of 1990,00 Euros over 13 months

MovesTravel: Never

Desired profile


  • 1 yearThis experience is essential


  • Bac+2 or equivalent aeronautical construction – CQPM AERONAUTICAL QUALITY This training is essential


  • Application of quality procedures
  • Design and update quality monitoring tools
  • Control the quality and compliance of processes
  • Determine corrective measures
  • Identify non-conformities
  • Control assembly operations on FAL
  • CQPM Quality Inspector
  • Fluency in technical English is required
  • You have knowledge of aero technology


  • English

Further information

  • Qualification: Specialized worker
  • Sector of activity: Engineering, technical studies



1000 to 1999 employees


See the company page

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Our examples of CV teasers and cover letters in response to this job offer. You can use them

I am writing to you to present my candidacy for the position of Aeronautical Quality Inspector in Toulouse. Holder of an Engineering degree in aeronautical technology, I have the technical skills necessary to control assembly operations on an aeronautical assembly line.

In addition to my technical skills, I am also perfectly bilingual in English, which will allow me to work effectively with international interlocutors.

I am convinced that my past experience in the aeronautics sector, as well as my attention to detail and my rigor in my work make me the ideal candidate for this position. I am ready to fully invest myself in this mission and contribute to the success of your team.

I am available for an interview to explain my motivation and skills in more detail. I thank you in advance for your attention to my application.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my best regards.

[Firstname name]

1) Example of a CV teaser for a beginner candidate profile:

“A motivated young graduate in aeronautical technology, I offer you my skills in quality inspection to ensure the control of assembly operations on an aeronautical assembly line. Rigorous and attentive, I am ready to learn and fully invest in your company in order to contribute to its growth. Holder of a specialized worker diploma, I am convinced that I can bring real added value to your team. »

2) Example of a CV teaser for an experienced candidate profile:

“With solid experience in quality inspection in the aeronautics sector, I offer you my advanced skills to guarantee the conformity of assembly and assembly operations. My rigor, my sense of organization and my ability to manage anomalies allow me to excel in this demanding field. With specialized training and recognized expertise, I am convinced that my contribution will be essential to the success of your project. »

3) Example of a CV teaser for a person applying after a professional retraining:

“Former professional wishing to retrain in aeronautical quality inspection, I offer you my transversal skills and my involvement to ensure the conformity of assembly operations. Thanks to my specialized training in aero technology and my determination to succeed in this field, I am ready to take on this new challenge with enthusiasm. My atypical background and my desire to progress make me an ideal candidate for this position

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