Diamond and harmonize latest news?

Diamond and Harmonize Latest News

Bahati Makes Peace with Harmonize

After years of beefing, Bahati has finally made peace with Harmonize. The two started feuding when Bahati called out Harmonize for beefing with his former label boss Diamond Platnumz. However, the two have put their differences aside and moved on.

Diamond Explains Why Harmonize Was Left Out of Wasafi Festival

Diamond recently opened up about why Harmonize was left out of the Wasafi Festival this year. According to Diamond, Harmonize had not been promoting the festival on his social media platforms, which led to his exclusion.

Diamond Platinumz vs. Harmonize: Who Is More Muscular?

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize are both popular Tanzanian singers and songwriters. While Diamond owns the Wasafi Record label, Harmonize owns Konde Worldwide Music. However, when it comes to muscle, who takes the cake? The answer may surprise you – it's actually Harmonize! Despite being smaller in size, Harmonize has been known to hit the gym regularly and maintain a strict diet to maintain his physique.

Eight Similar Questions or Searches:

1. What is the latest music collaboration between Diamond and Harmonize?
Answer: There has been no news about any recent music collaboration between the two artists.

2. Why did Harmonize leave Diamond's label?
Answer: Harmonize left Diamond's label to start his own record label, Konde Worldwide Music.

3. What is the latest controversy involving Diamond and Harmonize?
Answer: There is currently no controversy involving the two artists.

4. How did Diamond and Harmonize first meet?
Answer: The two artists first met when Diamond discovered Harmonize's talent and signed him to his record label.

5. What is the net worth of Diamond and Harmonize?
Answer: As of 2023, Diamond Platnumz's net worth is estimated to be around million USD, while Harmonize's net worth is estimated to be around million USD.

6. Have Diamond and Harmonize ever collaborated on a tour?
Answer: Yes, Diamond and Harmonize have toured together in the past, including the Wasafi Festival.

7. What is the latest hit song from Diamond and Harmonize?
Answer: There is no news of a new hit song from the two artists as of now.

8. Are Diamond and Harmonize still friends?
Answer: As far as we know, the two artists are still friends and have not been involved in any public feud or controversy recently.

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