Without diploma? How to Become an Organizational Engineer

Without diploma? How to become Organizational engineer

Without Training and Without a diploma? How to Become an Organizational Engineer in France?


It is difficult to become an organizational engineer without a degree or adequate training. However, several paths are possible to access this profession. Some companies accept candidates who have professional experience and solid knowledge of the profession. Other companies accept candidates who have completed work-study training or continue to train while working. It is also possible to take online training or evening classes to acquire the necessary skills.

What are the conditions to be respected to practice this profession without diplomas? Without training?


To practice the profession of organizational engineer without diplomas or training, you must have a good knowledge of the company and its processes. Strong planning, organizational and project management skills are essential. Computer skills are also necessary to be able to work with specialized software.

However, to practice this profession with official recognition, it is necessary to follow company training, continuing education or obtain a specific diploma. The prerequisites for access to training may vary depending on the establishment, but generally, a BAC+2 level is often required.

It is also possible to do a Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) to obtain official recognition of your skills. To do this, it is necessary to have at least three years of professional experience in the profession.

The median salary for an organizational engineer is around 42 euros gross per year in France, but can vary depending on each person's experience and skills. In other European countries, salaries may be higher or lower depending on the cost of living and the level of competition in the job market.

Become an Organizational Engineer

The job of Organizational Engineer consists of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a company or organization by optimizing production processes, information systems and human resources management. It is a complex profession that requires in-depth knowledge of organization, IT and business management.

Conditions of access to training

To become an organizational engineer, it is necessary to obtain an engineering degree in industrial engineering, production engineering or computer science. It is also possible to follow a university course in economics, management, computer science or applied mathematics. Finally, it is possible to follow professional training on the job.

Prerequisites and complete and detailed information to access each training or diploma

To access engineering training, it is generally necessary to complete a preparatory class for the Grandes Ecoles (CPGE) or to pass a bac +2 in the scientific sector. As the number of places is limited, it is recommended to obtain good grades in mathematics and physics, as well as to have a good level in English.

To access university courses, it is necessary to have a scientific baccalaureate or equivalent. Depending on the course chosen, knowledge of computer science, economics, management or applied math may be required. Registrations are made via the Parcoursup platform.

To follow on-the-job professional training, it is recommended to have professional experience or a bac +2 level diploma. The procedures are done directly with the training establishment.

Can we do an VAE? If yes, how ?

It is possible to do a VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) to access the profession of Organizational Engineer by providing significant professional experience in the field. To do this, you must contact the certification body of your choice to obtain an admissibility booklet. Once this booklet has been validated, you must write a file detailing the skills acquired during professional experience. Finally, a jury meets to assess the relevance of the application and whether or not to issue the engineering diploma.

What is the median salary in France and other European countries?

In France, the median salary of an Organizational Engineer is around 50 euros gross per year. Abroad, this salary may vary depending on the country and the cost of living. For example, in Switzerland, the median salary is around 000 CHF (around 80 euros) gross per year.

The tasks of an Organization Engineer

  • Identify structural problems in organizations and propose solutions
  • Optimize production processes and systems
  • Implement effective project management tools
  • Analyze data to make strategic decisions
  • Train teams in the use of new tools and new working methods
  • Ensure the quality and safety of the products and services provided by the company

Definitions of technical skills and Diplomas

Definition of Project Management: Project management involves organizing and coordinating the various stakeholders to successfully complete a project within the stipulated time and according to the needs and requirements of the client. The corresponding degree is the Master in Project Management.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: “Thanks to my training in project management and my past experiences, I have acquired a great ability to lead and coordinate teams to achieve specific objectives. »

Definition of Programming: Programming involves writing lines of computer code to create software, web applications, video games, and other types of programs. The corresponding diploma is the Bachelor in Computer Science.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: “With my knowledge of programming and my know-how in web development, I have the ability to use the latest technologies to improve production processes and meet customer needs. »

Definition of Human Resource Management: Human resource management involves recruiting, training, motivating and managing employees of a company or organization. The corresponding degree is the Master in Human Resources.

Example sentence for the cover letter or CV teaser: “My expertise in human resources management allows me to recruit the best talent, train employees and maintain good communication to guarantee employee satisfaction and the success of the company. »

Definition of Digital Simulation: Digital simulation consists of using computer models to solve design problems,

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